Top 5 Disney World Fashion Trends 2020

Top 5 Disney World Fashion Trends 2020

Disney world fashion trends are not getting outdated any time soon. As we have reached the end of this year, I find it fitting to check Disney world’s top fashion trends in 2020. You should know these trends, especially if you are a wholesaler and want to buy a Disney costume in bulk.

Let’s dive into the world of Disney fashion trends below.

Top Five Disney World Fashion Trends in 2020

The following were some of the most famous Disney world fashion trends in 2020:

1.  Limited Edition Magic Bands

Magic bands came out in 2019, but people started getting obsessed with this trend in 2020.  Bands like Jessica Rabbit and Genie Magic Band have been popular with kids and adults. Since 2019, many Disney world themed magic bands have been introduced with unique designs and features.

 Some of these magic bands even include fast pass and turnstile touchpoints. In 2020, the most famous magic band was the one that comes with a color-changing feature.

If you want to start a Wholesale Marketplace for Disney world accessories, do not forget to purchase magic bands from the wholesale marketplace.

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2.  Star Wars Trend

It is hard to avoid Star Wars games and accessories for even those who are not a fan of Star Wars movies. The Mandalorian has especially given new life to the property.

In 2020, there were many posts on social media networks about watching Star Wars movies for the first time. That means more and more people developed an interest in Star Wars-themed stuff this year. This fever of Star Wars is not going to go away any time sooner.

3.  Sequins

Disney world fashion includes many sequins and glitters, which make the princesses’ apparel more appealing. In 2020, sequins were seen everywhere, from purses and bags to shirts, shoes, and even headbands.

People love the items with sequins.   This gave rise to the demand for more shimmery accessories. The best thing about the Disney world sequins is that they are small and subtle, giving the items a magical look.

4.  Disney-Patterned Dresses

In 2020, Disney-patterned dresses were seen in many stores and boutiques. People loved these dresses because of their classical appearance. They   had a vintage cut and were made from Disney-themed materials. Many of these dresses are also available in Disney park.

If you start a wholesale Business costume, make sure to include these dresses in your stock. We are expecting more stylish Disney-patterned dresses in 2021.

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5.  Character Themed Purses

Character themed purses and bags were also one of the most famous Disney world fashion trends. In 2020, we have seen some significant transformations in bag and purse designs. From backpacks to cross-body bags, Disney characters’ designs were everywhere.

These character-themed purses and bags are available in a wide range of variety. If you want to feel subtle and classy, go with Disney printed bags. But if your mood is to look bold, choose character shaped bags.


The Rabbit Ear Headbands were another famous Disney fashion trend in 2020. Many YouTubers and bloggers were seen wearing and endorsing these headbands. This popular Disney world fashion trend has become a must for teenagers and adults.

In a Nutshell

Disney world fashion trends are widely followed around the world. People love to use and wear Disney themed accessories. We hope that you like the list of top Disney world fashion trends mentioned above. Do let us know if you think any other trend should be included in this list.

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