Top 5 Free Screen Recorder For Computer

iTop Screen Recorder

The finest screen recorders frequently have cutting-edge features and premium effects like transitions, video editing, and 4K recording. They are famous for capturing webinars, meetings, webinars, training sessions, and gaming. So here are las 5 mejores herramientas para grabar pantalla en el PC,

iTop Screen Recorder

iTop Screen Recorder is indeed a screen recording software that allows users to capture their computer screen and create videos for tutorials, demos, presentations, and more. Some of its features include:

  • Easy-to-use Interface: iTop Screen Recorder has a simple and intuitive interface that also makes it easy for users to record their screens without technical knowledge.
  • Multiple Recording Modes: iTop Screen Recorder offers different recording modes, including full-screen mode, custom area mode, and webcam mode. This allows users to record the entire screen or just a specific area of the screen.
  • Audio Recording: iTop Screen Recorder can capture system sound, microphone, or both at the same time. This is useful for creating videos with voiceovers, narrations, or music.


For async work, Loom is the top video communication tool. Thanks to their simplicity and speedy engineering, you can record, share, and engage with videos to advance work, whether at your desk or on the go.

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  • Use the original Windows app or the Chrome extension to record your screen quickly.
  • With a single stroke, create a written transcript and eliminate unnecessary words.
  • With the Loom Business Plan, you can make and store as much film as possible.
  • Add videos to Loom to create a library of video material.
  • Emoji responses and remarks make feedback enjoyable.
  • With the background noise reduction function, you can record with assurance wherever you are.


You can record any region of your screen with Screencast-O-Matic, an intuitive screen recorder. It offers the opportunity to include narration from your microphone and video from your webcam.

  • Video animation is possible with changes and overlay effects.
  • You can import music, video, and images from other devices.
  • The cursor and camera are both movable.
  • Zoom in or out to draw attention to a particular part of the movie.
  • Narration, music, and system sounds are all editable.
  • Text, shapes, and pictures can all have styles applied to them.

Ice-cream Screen Recorder

You can capture any part of your computer screen using the screen recording tool Ice-cream Screen Recorder. This tool can capture webinars, apps and games, live streams, Skype calls, and more.

  • You can select the output grade.
  • You can record a portion of the screen or the entire screen.
  • You can record your screen while using a webcam by using this program.
  • You can embellish your screen capture with text, shapes, and arrows.
  • You can capture 3D games in full-screen mode using ice-cream apps.
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Click Up

Without needing an email chain or in-person meetings, Click Up is a free screen recording tool that enables you to share your screen video and deliver your message.

  • You can use it to record your browser tab, app window, or computer screen.
  • It enables you to share a link to your video greeting with anyone.
  • A video can be given to your staff, with a description added.
  • Platforms supported include Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.


As summed up, these are the best screen recorder for computers. Choose your preference.

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