Top 5 Hidden Android Spyware You Should Know


Android is the most popular platform which has billions of users. Why there are so many users? Well, it is a user-friendly operating system and provides smooth performance. Millions of people use android phones and tablets. Even in families, you will find a majority of people using an android phone.

If you want to keep your loved ones safe from the potential dangers, then you need spyware to track your loved ones and gather data from their devices. But what if you do not want them to know about your spyware? Well, don’t worry because we have come with the top 5 hidden android spyware, which will work in the background and provide all the required data stealthily. Let me warn you that not every spyware is secure to use, but the following apps are trustworthy and reliable.


Many smartphone monitoring apps are not considered as complete monitoring tools because they cannot satisfy the needs of modern parents and employers. XNSPY is a frontline spying app the works on all devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers, and laptops. While other apps manage to track your kids’ online activities and text messages, XNSPY does a lot more with its advanced features such as the date and time stamps, key logger, GPS tracker, geofencing, remote desktop control, and much more. XNSPY runs completely in the background. Why so many business owners and parents consider XNSPY as a No.1 phone spying app is due to its philosophy to provide a great app that does more than offering a beautiful UI design and basic features.

Basic $29.99/1 Month License

Premium $35.99/1 Month License


Talking about the stand out spying apps one cannot ignore the front liner OgyMogy. The OgyMogy is undoubtedly one of the finest in the spying dynamics. It is aimed at providing monitoring services to corporate owners and parents. The app is highly complemented by its users owing to its efficiency and user-friendly interface. The app tracks every bit of communication and all the whereabouts of the target user by all means in real-time. A few of the salient features include location tracking, geo fencing, social media tracking, surround recording, and geo-fencing.

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Basic $15/Month

Standard $65/6Month

Extreme $130/Year

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Millions of the users are active on Cocospy because it provides tracking services for both businesses and personal use. It is a safe monitoring app which let the end-user track android devices without any complicated method. All you need is to install this app in the target device then you can monitor every running activity stealthily.

Basic $39.99/1 Month License

Premium $49.99/1 Month License

Family $69.99/1 Month License


If you are looking for a hidden android spy app, then Spyic can help you most conveniently. A web-based app which will gather the data stealthily after installation in the target device. If you are afraid that the owner can detect this hidden app, then don’t worry. It allows the end-user to keep track of every online activity, including Text messages, phone calls, location, installed apps, etc.

Basic $39.99/1 Month License

Premium $49.99/1 Month License

Family $69.99/1 Month License


If you are finding a reliable spy app for an android device, then you are in the right place. TheWiSpy provides the best snooping services and provides a wide range of advanced features to facilitate the audience. It offers a safe and secure way of what you expect from a powerful website. Now, you can get its services for kid’s monitoring, employee monitoring, etc. You can easily monitor the data on the web-based dashboard by installing the app in the targeted device.

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Basic Version $29.99/1 Month License

Pro Version $39.99/1 Month License

Ultimate Version $49.99/1 Month License


When we are talking about the topmost hidden android spyware, we can’t forget the Spyzie, which is a big name in the online market. Providing top quality yet user-friendly service, even a newbie can use this app. It helps the end-user break into someone’s android phone, and the device owner can’t detect the spying app, which is running in the background.

Pro Version $49.99/1 Month License

Ultimate Version $59.99/1 Month License


It is also a hidden spy app that is android compatible and lets you track the target device without any complicated process. It provides in-depth detail of the target device, but it does not provide customer support 24/7 as we have read many reviews and customer complaints.

Pro $59.99/ 1 Month License

Pro X $69.99/ 1 Month License


While choosing a spy app, keep some important facts in your mind, for example, how apps consume the battery, is it required the rooting, how much space it occupies, etc. These are some questions that can help you to make a better choice for an android spy app. You should also check the reviews to find the quality of the services. Sometimes, a user buys a license for months, but the app is not functional, and the company does not respond to any query. We have discussed the top 5 android spy apps, but it depends on your budget and requirements.

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