Top 5 online calculators to calculate point-slope form for linear equations

point-slope form

The linear equations have different forms such as slope-intercept form, point-slope form, and standard form. In this article, we are going to discuss the point-slope form and how to calculate it using online calculators. Our top picks for calculating point-slope form are the following:

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Before exploring all these online calculators, let’s discuss:

What is the Point-Slope form?

One of the types of linear-equations is the Point-Slope form which can be solved by using the slope of the line and coordinates of a point on it.

The general equation of the Point-Slope is as follows:

Point-Slope form

In this equation, m is the slope of the line, whereas x1 and y1 are the coordinates of the point on it. The point-Slope formula is sometimes more useful than the slope formula, for example when we have to find the equation of line at a given point and slope, we can easily find it.


Let’s say we have a line passing through the point (1, 3) and has a slope -1/4.

We can find the equation of line by using following method:

Raw data:      x1=1, y1=3, m=-1/4

By putting the raw data in equation, we have:

y-3 = -1/4 (x-1)

4(y-3) = -1(x-1)

4y-12 = -x+1

x + 4y = 1+12

x + 4y = 13

x + 4y -13 = 0

So, x + 4y -13 =0 is the line of equation.

Here is the graph of this line of the equation:


So, this is how you can solve the point-slope form of an equation by yourself. However, if you have a lot of problems to solve, you can assist online calculators to solve Point-Slope form.

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Online calculators to solve Point-Slope form of linear equation:

There are many online tools to solve this sort of problem. We tried all of them and picked those who gave us the best possible solution with a user-friendly interface.


This calculator is very useful and finds the equation of a line in the Point-Slope form, Slope-Intercept form, and general forms. It gives you the solution by entering one slope and one point:

We have entered values for x1 =7, x2 =7, and m=7, and hit the ‘Calculate’ button; it gave us the following solution.

U can see, it gave us the perfect answer with the complete solution. This tool just not only gave us the facility to calculate the Point-Slope form, but also the perpendicular bisector, and other useful forms. So, this calculator was quite useful, let’s move to another pick on our list.


This is another amazing online calculator to calculate the linear equation using one point and a slope. We have entered the value of coordinates as 1 and 4, whereas the value of slope as 5.

After entering values, we clicked on the calculate button and it showed the output equation with graphical result as shown in the following picture.

This tool is quite useful in this regard, however, it has some limitations. You cannot enter the value of slope in fraction form. You have to enter the value in digits and then proceed for the solution.


Our number 3rd pick is We entered the same values as we entered in the previous calculator.

After entering values, we hit the ‘Click to Calculate’ button.

Now, without a problem, it gave us a line of equation. This tool is quite useful if you have values in a simple form. But the amazing thing about this tool is that you can solve a lot of other problems as well (You can explore more by yourself). So, if you have a lot of problems regarding geometry, then this online calculator is best for you.

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Here’s is another useful tool to calculate the point-slope form of the equation. This tool not only gave the perfect calculation but also give the graphical solution to the problem. Let’s enter some random values in this calculator and see how it responds.

We have encountered a perfect solution, so if you have a lot of problems regarding the point-slope form, you must add it to your checklist. The graphical solution it gave us is in the following picture:

This online tool is highly recommended if you want a graphical solution as well. Let’s now end our research with the last pick.


The last online calculator in our list is, which is also valuable in calculating the point-slope form of linear equations. We again entered some random values in the tool, as we did before. Let’s see how this online calculator works:

After submitting values, we hit the ‘Calculate’ button and it gave us the linear equation as an answer.

This tool is also useful, however, it does not give any additional facilities.

Last word:

These were the top picks in our research about top calculators to calculate the point-slope form of linear equations. Now it is your choice to select a suitable calculator for your work. We hope this guide will be useful when you are about to calculate the problem regarding point-slope form.

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