Top 5 Picks for the Best Grammarly Alternatives


Practicing grammar is very important because not only does it make you more professional, but it makes communication much easier. When writing essays, official documents, letters, or just conversing with anyone, it’s always good to have good grammar. The beauty of technology and the internet is that it helps you out with many things and this can include practicing your grammar. There are apps and online tools available to help you correct your written work. You can now get grammatical corrections in real-time!

Best alternatives to Grammarly

One of the most popular tools for correcting grammar is Grammarly. Many students and professionals use it to help them with their schoolwork or office paperwork. But even if Grammarly is popular and reliable, sometimes it doesn’t meet all your needs for writing, editing, and correcting. With this, we want to help with our top five picks on the best Grammarly alternatives so you have different options to choose from. So read on to find out more!


When writing, sometimes the first words you come up with won’t always be the best. ProWritingAide is a great tool that not only helps you with your grammar, but it can also help you in brushing up your writing style. The beauty of ProWritingAide is its jam-packed features. Just like Grammarly, you can get spelling, punctuation, and grammatical error corrections. It also gives you appropriate word choices that can make your written work better. Misuse of passive voice is not a problem, because it also helps you in correcting that. Other than this, it’s easy to use and is much cheaper than Grammarly for $9 a month. You’ll be saving a lot with ProWritingAide in the long-run.

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One of the longest-running writing tools is Ginger. It’s developed by experienced linguists and encoders to have smart algorithms. You’ll get more accurate text corrections with Ginger compared to other writing tools because it fully examines the context of your sentences before suggesting possible alternatives or changes. Some of its features include rephrasing poorly constructed sentences to enhance the clarity of your written work. It can also analyze errors and provide you reliable reports to improve your reference. Apart from this, you can even translate your texts to over 60 different languages! So this is definitely worth giving a look!


Another one in our top picks is LanguageTool. It’s a great alternative from Grammarly because it has an accurate grammar checker and translator. You can also make use of its forum to get instant answers to your question thanks to being an open-source tool. The user interface is clean and easily navigable. But the free version of this tool has its limitations. The grammar checker can only accommodate 20,000 characters. The premium version will give you access to advanced features like 40,0000 character limit per check and software integration to other different platforms.

Slick Write

The next on our list is Slick Write. Whether you’re a student, blogger, novelist, or SEO professional, Slick Write can definitely make your written works better. The writing assistant feature easily detects and corrects grammar and spelling errors to help you improve your writings. The best part about it is that it’s free to use! And you won’t need to download a software to access it.


Our last, but not the least top pic is Reverso. This nifty app is another reliable alternative to Grammarly. It has strong digital translations and language services which make it a great app for non-native speakers who want to precisely translate their foreign language writings to other languages. It’s very user-friend and straightforward, which makes it perfect for beginners and professionals.

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Go ahead and try them out!

And there you have it, our top five picks for the best Grammarly alternatives. Even if you are already an excellent writer, there will still be times when you make mistakes. These tools can help you in making your written work free of errors or mistakes. A well-written work will always make its point clear and precise. Your ideas are sure to be appreciated when you write them well because readers can comprehend them easily. It’s now easy for you to make your written work much better with the help of these tools. You can also improve your vocabulary and usage of terms for writing and in the long-run, speaking too. Having good grammar earns you plus points everywhere, may it be for work or just daily conversations. So, it’s good that these tools are readily available to help you out. Try them for yourself and you’ll be wondering why you haven’t been using them all along. We hope our article on the best Grammarly alternatives helps you out in choosing the right tool for you. Go ahead, improve your grammar, vocabulary, and sentence construction. And not just to impress, but to make you better!

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