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Email Hosting UK

Best UK email hosting provider is as challenging to find as good web hosting. You will find a lot of email providers by a simple google search, but most of them may not be reliable for your business needs. The demands of professional clients and businesses are not simple enough.

Businesses need pro email hosting services. Their best partners would be the one who offers custom domains. Professional email hosting services provide more email storage and larger file sizes. The clients can thus increase productivity and save their time.

So which are those pro email services? So let us list down seven cheap email hosting UK providers.

7 Best Cheap Email Hosting UK

Let us review the best options in the market.

1. The Email Shop

The Email Shop is the number one email hosting UK company with UK-based data centers. They offer maximum security and the best reliability. Their super fast UK servers provide you with everything that you need for a great email hosting service.

They provide exclusive email hosting plans for both business and email use. The best plans offer you unlimited email accounts, unlimited devices, and 50 GB SSD storage. Other plans offer 5 and 50 email accounts, and 10 to 25 GB of storage.

Common features of all plans are private secure email servers, SSL/TLS encryption, 24*7 support, domain based email, and multi email clients integration. IMAP, POP3 & SMTP support is also available in every plan.

The Email Shop makes collaboration really simple and effortless. Internal communication of the business becomes smooth. The built-in calendar allows you to manage your contacts and schedule your meetings. You can carry your email wherever you go. Stay connected and enjoy smooth browsing on all browsers.

Searching any email you want needs a few clicks. There are advanced options which make it possible, even if you just remember one word rather than the complete address of the email sender. Also, you can import your old contacts very easily.

2. Grid Hosting

Grid Hosting is one of the fastest growing companies with their main services as email hosting and VPS hosting UK. The company values are simplicity, privacy, and security. The best spam protection filters out almost 99.9% of unwanted emails. Collective threat intelligence ensures protection from malicious threats. The teams are constantly monitoring the system and making necessary updates. So your emails will always be in safe hands.

You can synchronize your email address to all devices. Enjoy accessing from unlimited devices in all plans. Collaborate with your team more efficiently using calendars and contacts features.

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Grid Hosting has been providing email hosting services for over a decade. The specialists are experienced enough to solve complex problems. So, you can expect top-notch expert support. Set up your personal domains on our platform. It helps you advertise your business in the best way possible.

Grid Hosting also offers email client software. It is a feature-rich tool that you can easily set up and customize. You can manage your marketing campaigns here and grow your business.

All plans offer unmetered bandwidth, private secure email servers, 24*7 support, and domain-based email. IMAP, POP3, & SMTP support is also available in all plans.

3. Tso Host

Tso Host allows you to create affordable and professional business email addresses. Different plans are available for one month and twelve months. Webmail, one email inbox, calendar, and contacts are available in all plans. However, the better programs offer you a shared calendar, shared contacts, and shared tasks. In addition, Tso Host is an entirely ad-free hosting solution.

There is no need to read lengthy user manuals. Tso Host sets up email instantly. It is ready to use, and you can send your emails in less time. Great email features are drag and drop and floating view. Also, a view allows you to see all attachments together. You can read all your emails once, including those from other accounts like Gmail and Yahoo. Moreover, IMAP and POP ensure you can access your emails anytime and through any device.

You will never receive unwanted emails as Tso Host provides the best spam protection mechanism. So enjoy the best email security. In addition, there is a good attachment preview tool, so the chances of wrong attachments are also lesser.

Sometimes you do not receive the message because the sender writes the incorrect email address for your domain. Tso Host ensures you receive such emails even if there is a spelling error.

Just a few clicks would help you set up email forwarding. Then, you will be able to receive all emails that are forwarded to other email addresses. Tso Host also offers excellent support. Contact via live chat or ticket and get your issue solved.

4. offers great email hosting packages and gives you an impactful personal email. Salient features are business email on the go, inbox protection, and unlimited email addresses.

Create as many email addresses as you want. Of course, your needs will grow over time. You will need more addresses for your new staff. Spam protection and other security mechanisms are built-in in all plans. Your messages will be safe from threats and annoying spam. Emails are stored on the Cloud or Microsoft Exchange.

Mailbox size varies from 5 to 100 GB, depending on your chosen plan. Webmail comes free with all plans. Also, you can easily manage your appointments with a calendar.

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5. Easyspace

Easyspace is one of the most business-friendly email hosting solutions in the market. It is mobile compatible, easy and free to set up, and comes with a free email filter. You also get free webmail services. So use your email anywhere and anytime.

You can sync everything with your mobile, whether it is iPhone, android, blackberry, or whatever. The automatic synchronization is available free of cost. Also, it is fully compatible with Outlook and Thunderbird. It is also possible to receive email via a POP or IMAP connection. Also, you can send an email over a secure connection.

6. eUKHost

Get the most catchy and business-class email addresses that reflect your company values. eUKHost is a fully-featured and reliable business email hosting. Complete spam and virus protection is included in the package.

eUKHost offers three different email hosting plans. Enjoy webmail, mobile, and POP/IMAP access, whichever plan you buy. Full outlook integration is also available. The storage space varies from 1 GB to 10 GB UK storage space. The better plan allows 20 email addresses.

eUKHost completely understands the sensitivity of the email hosting business. The enterprise cloud platform guarantees 99.9% uptime. Professional support is available all the time. You can reach out to experts anytime you want and seek guidance for any issue you are facing. You can claim your money back within one month if you are unhappy.

7. Web Hosting UK

Web Hosting UK offers great email hosting solutions for personal and business use. The best features are anti-spam, ease of use, and 24*7 support. There are many other features as well that make management simple for you.

There are a total of four pricing plans available. The best plan offers 25 GB of storage, unlimited mailboxes, and spam experts. In addition, 24*7 support, mobile access, and web access are part of all plans.

Web Hosting UK comes with an environment that makes collaboration easy. There are shared calendars, address books, and even files and tasks to help you with it.

Best email archiving and recovery features are also available. Never lose another email. Just choose a plan with email archiving and recovery. Emails are encrypted and stored securely, allowing you to meet any legal compliance. You can also easily search them for quick retrieval.


Which email hosting is ideal for you, depends on your requirements. Try to find them accordingly. However, our research suggests that The Email Shop is the best UK email hosting provider. It offers all standard features in their best form.

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