Top Benefits of Using Stick Pack Packaging for Your Product

Stick pack packaging

Stick pack packaging has been used for decades in the global food and beverage industry. Its staying power is due to its dynamic and versatile construction and over time it has begun to be used in other industries. When consumers and manufacturers both see the value in this kind of packaging, you can expect to see it more and more. It might be time to try using it for your products. There are many easily-recognizable benefits to employing stick pack packaging.

Avoid Dose Confusion With Customers

While custom printed mylar bags are perfect for the food industry because of their durable material, stick pack packaging has become a sought-after option for the healthcare and medical industries. This is because stick packs are available in single-dose sizes, which could apply to both liquids and solids.

The same stick pack style that you could use for peanuts can be reduced in size and used for skin care creams, steroid creams, pills or any other health-related items that need to be served as a single dose.

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Make Your Travel Product Travel Friendly

With stick pack packaging, gone are the days of holding a bag closed with an elastic or clothespin. This is especially important when you’re on the go. Branded resealable bags are perfect for travel, as well as showing off your brand wherever that bag travels. Simply take what you need as required, then seal the bag and pack it away, knowing that the seal is airtight and strong.

Provide First-rate Product Safety Standards

The integrity of any product must be maintained once it goes into the package. While potato chips might just go stale, other items could be worse off. Those in pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare companies must be assured that their products will maintain their integrity.

There are lots of factors that ensure product safety. Stick packs are formed, filled and sealed in an environment with controlled residual oxygen, controlled temperature and low relative humidity, protecting them from any contaminant. The packaging also employs high-quality film, forming a 7-12 micron foil barrier. These factors ensure a product that will remain unsullied on the shelf for up to 24 months.

Pass Along Cost Reductions

Stick pack pouches can help reduce manufacturing costs. In the pharmaceutical and other healthcare industries, the stick pack style has eliminated the need for encapsulation and tableting processes. This promotes decreases in both time and cost and eliminating such time-tested means of operation in favor of a better system helps to push the manufacturing process forward.

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Because this type of packaging uses up to 40% less material, the reduction serves your bottom line and has a positive environmental impact, in that there is less waste. Even the slim, compact form of the stick pack encourages less waste because the packaging is more efficient and economical.

Stick pack packaging is becoming the popular packaging choice for more and more industries because of its many beneficial characteristics, from durability to versatility to its ability to reduce manufacturing costs. When products hit the shelves in this style of packaging, consumers are virtually ensured freshness and they recognize this. Visit a flexible packaging website to learn more about the latest in packaging options today.

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