Top fun activities to do at the beach on a low budget


You may think when you go to the beach, you will have to spend a lot of money to actually enjoy beach time. But that’s not true. Actually, the beach is one of the best places you can have fun without spending tons of money. If you know the right way, you may not need anything, not even your shoes.

If you are going to the beach this summer vacation, this article is for you. Also, you can check out more ways to save money on holiday travel here. No matter what your hobbies are, there are many ways you can enjoy beach Time on a budget. In this list, some of these you may already know and some you may never think of before. No matter what, you will find what you need here.

Running on the beach:

Running is a great way to be active and keep fit on the beach. Isn’t the main point to spend time at the beach is to feel healthy and look good? After all, the beach is an ideal place to practice running. The most noticeable advantage of running on the beach is that it’s always flat so you don’t have to worry about hills. Moreover, you don’t even need shoes to run on the beach. But be careful because the beach has the slant so that you need to run both ways to stay balanced. And sometimes the tide can make you run on the less ideal parts of the sand, and if you run barefoot then the sun can make the beach a little hot for your feet. But you will be fine if you can find the good spot to run.

Build a Sandcastle:

Sandcastles and sand sculptures are one of the activities you can do for totally free at the beach. They can be simple or complicated depending on you but all are so much fun to build. You don’t need any special tools to do this, just sand, water and you will be able to build your own sandcastles. You should consider building a deep moat around your castle to protect it from the rising tides that will make it melt away.

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Collect Seashells:

At any beach, you can easily find seashells to collect. Seashells can be used to make jewelry or decorations. You can check out best ways to décor your house on a low budget to find out how to take advantage of seashells. You will only need to bring a container to keep your shells, it can be a pail, cup, or bag. Remember to only collect dead shells – shells that have no animal inside.

Make sure that you clean them after you go back to your hotel. Shell-collecting can even be more fun if you get a book and look up the names of each shell to see how many kinds you can find.


Most beaches have food concessions but they are usually expensive and not delicious. So instead of wasting money there, you could pack a picnic with cheese and crackers, sandwiches, or fried chicken and a salad or fresh fruit to have a healthy meal. Remember that many beaches do not allow alcoholic beverages so you’d better leave the beer and wine at home and bring water instead. Besides, don’t forget to preserve food properly: Keep the food in a well-insulated cooler and don’t leave them outside for a long time. If you think it’s hard to find a beach that is suitable to do a picnic, check out 8 Most Beautiful Beaches in California You Must Try here.


Obviously, everyone that comes to the beach will think of swimming first. But I will give you some cautions before you get into the water. Keep in mind that not all beaches are safe to swim in, and you should be aware of it before getting in the water. Some beaches have powerful rip tides that can take you out to sea and drown you. Others have rocks that lie right below the surface. Sometimes these two things can go together so be careful. Check out if the lifeguards post about anything dangerous and always be careful when you start swimming.

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Play games:

There are many fun games you can play at the beach even when you are the active type or prefer sitting around. You can play a game of catch or volleyball with only a ball or you can toss over the sand a frisbee. Or you can bring a hula hoop and see who can keep it going for the longest amount of time.

You can also play Tic-Tac-Toe by drawing lines in the sand, using several of two different kinds of shells for the players, or play hangman in the sand, or bring along some board games or cards. You can also try portable games such as ladder ball and corn toss to have great fun on the beach as well.

Read a Book or Listen to Music:

With the perfect lighting at the beach, you should definitely bring a book to read. It could be the latest magazine or a naughty novel that you like but haven’t had time to finish. You can also use this as an opportunity to chill and listen to your Spotify playlists.

Just remember to put on sunscreen before you go to the beach. If your eyes are sensitive to the sunlight, then you should probably listen to a podcast or stream the book on your phone, just remember to bring your headphones.

Barbecue or have a fire:

Barbeque on the beach is a really fun activity to do with friends. Food, fire, and the beach are the great combinations that help you bonding with your friends and family. You can add some beer to make it even better. Just make sure it’s not against the law of the beach you are going to and you will have a lot of fun there. You can also bring some instrumentals such as a guitar or a drum to play to the rhythm of the waves.

If you have been spending time fishing during the day, this is a great opportunity to take advantage of your catch. This way you can save a lot of money on food and still manage to have fun.

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