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Hair is one of the most attractive qualities in women as well as men. We regularly see our favorite celebrities and famous people flaunting their beautiful hair and hairstyles on the beach, shooting locations, on the camera, or even airports.

Not everyone is blessed with beautiful hair as our favorite celebrities but everyone definitely dreams of having long lustrous hair with zero damage.

One of the major deal-breakers is hair fall, which affects men and women alike. People often start losing hair at a very young age. The reasons behind hair loss can be genetics, environmental effects, hormonal disbalance, or simply a lack of care and attention towards the hair.

There are various clinics and salons that offer hair loss treatments for men in Pune and also for women, and in other cities as well. These treatments generally deal with specific issues and diseases related to hair growth and condition.

Generally, a healthy diet and a routine are enough for one to have healthy hair while in some cases, a person may need some extra care to deal with hair damage or issues like dandruff, lice, premature balding, postpartum hair loss, etc. For postpartum hair loss, mothers can take expert formulated supplements specially made to address this type of hair loss. Check out to learn more about this supplement.


The most common hair issue is hair fall which affects almost everyone. The hair breaks from the roots due to various reasons like lack of cleanliness, not enough strength, genetic conditions, etc.

Most hair conditions can be treated at home with regular attention, some homemade recipes for masks, combinations of oils, regular oiling, and washing. If these issues stay for long, one must consult a specialist at the earliest.

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Hair growth in men tends to be very different from women as they both have different hormones and biological functioning. Men tend to have thicker hair and roots. Thus, while looking for a specific treatment, make sure to know more about your hair type and hair condition along with the weather conditions in the place of residence.

Hair loss treatment for men in Pune offers a variety of treatments for issues like balding, hair fall and can even have a positive result on the genetic effects on hair growth. Similarly, for women, there are different types of treatments available to cater to their hair type, condition, and issue.

Regardless of being a man or woman, one can follow some simple tips and routines for healthy hair and also promote hair growth in times of extreme hair loss or thinning.

Some simple steps to take at home are:

  1. OILING: massaging the hair at the roots improves blood circulation and allows the hair follicles to get rid of any accumulated dirt or sweat. This in turn helps to promote hair growth and allows the hair to grow longer and healthier.
    There is a number of oils that you can choose from to help manage the hair damage and allow them to grow longer:
  • Lavender oil: this is a type of essential oil that should be mixed in a very small ratio with a carrier oil. Applying lavender oil on the hair not only promotes healthy hair growth but also relieves stress and anxiety. This oil is known to have a sleep-inducing effect while also providing nourishment to the hair.
  • Rosemary oil: another essential oil that must be mixed with a carrier oil before application, rosemary oil is known to have visible results for people with hair fall problems. It promotes new hair growth and also allows the hair to grow longer.
  • Coconut oil: one of the most widely used oil especially in India, coconut oil gives enough nourishment to the hair while dealing with multiple hair issues like hair fall, hair thinning, and dandruff.
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2.STEAM OR SPA: one can also use a hot towel dipped in warm water at home to allow the hair to absorb the necessary nutrients from the oil. This step must be taken after oil application and before washing the hair. Steam opens up the hair follicles so that the oils can reach deeper layers of the scalp and provide the necessary nourishment to hair.

3. HOMEMADE HAIR MASKS: often oiling is not enough and one may need some extra nourishment for the hair now and then. This is more common for the people who have dry hair or who have hair that is damaged easily by the effects of the environment.

One can easily prepare hair masks using eggs, yogurt, honey, or bananas in various different combinations with other ingredients and oils, apply it before washing the hair for about 20-30 minutes, and enjoy less damaged, shiny, and beautiful hair after every wash.

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