The Search Is Over: Tudor’s Top Luxury Watches That You Can Buy Right Now

Tudor Heritage Black Bay

Even though the entire world is experiencing a pandemic right now, it’s still not enough reason to stop yourself from finding the best luxury watch to add to your collection. Here is Tudor’s best and top-of-the-line luxury watch that you can ever put into your hands on.

Tudor Heritage Black Bay

The Tudor Heritage Black Bay 41mm is one of the most iconic luxury watch collections of Tudor. With a price tag not going more than $4,000, the Tudor Heritage Black Bay offers the best design queues and reliability to compete with other more expensive luxury watches in the market right now.

There are actually 13 Tudor Black Bay variations you can choose from, but the most epic one is the Tudor Heritage Black Bay. Right off the bat, you’ll see a premium grade stainless steel body case and bracelets accompanied with a gorgeous bezel in red accent. You’ll also love the black dial combined with gold plated hands and hour markers.

On the specification side, the Tudor Heritage Black Bay has a 41mm polished stainless steel case combined with a satin finish, which is pretty manly to look at. This watch is also rated to have a maximum water resistance of up to 200 meters, which is pretty outstanding. To protect the watch from scratches, Tudor added a highly dense dome sapphire crystal on its front.

Tudor Black Bay Chrono S&G

The Tudor Black Bay Chrono S&G isn’t your ordinary luxury watch; it has a price of $7,000 that only a few individuals that have deep pockets can afford. Nevertheless, the Tudor Black Bay Chrono S&G offers a sleek stainless steel body case design with yellow gold accents, which screams luxury from every possible angle.

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Suppose you often visit the beach and do some deep-sea diving. In that case, the Tudor Black Bay Chrono S&G will best fit you since it has a water depth resistance of up to 660 feet or 200 meters, and that goes the same with other Tudor’s Black Bay collection of luxury watches, which are an impressive feature to have.

The Tudor Black Bay Chrono’s bezel offers a unique fixed gold bezel combined with a black matt anodized disc plus a tachymetric scale, which overall looks stunning. You can definitely wear the Tudor Black Bay Chrono S&G on any occasion, and all of the attention will be yours. Its bracelet is a riveted stainless steel with yellow gold accents, which is very attractive.

Tudor Fastrider Black Shield “Full Black”

If you’re in the market for a sports luxury chronograph, then your best pick will be the Tudor Fastrider Black Shield “Full Black.” It’s not just attractive to look at, but it also has so many features that other sport luxury watches in the market don’t have; however, The Tudor Fastrider Black Shield comes with a small price, not less than $5,000.

Going straight into the Fastrider Black Shield’s available variation, Tudor actually has six available variations or options for this particular chronograph. However, the only difference between each one of them is their color or design accents. If you want a more straightforward design, then you should pick the full black variation.

The 42mm black matt ceramic case of the Tudor Fastrider Black Shield has a bead-blasted finish combined with a monobloc center or middle case. Unfortunately, unlike Tudor’s Black Bay collection, the Fastrider Black Shield only has 500 feet of water depth resistance, which is lesser. However, it has seconds, 12-hour, and 30-minute totalizer features.

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Tudor Clair De Rose 34MM

Of course, women won’t be left out by Tudor in terms of making excellent women’s luxury watches, and one of Tudor’s top-of-the-line women’s luxury watches is the Clair De Rose 34mm. This watch offers a very sleek looking full body stainless steel design. From its body case, bezel, crown, and bracelet, the Tudor Clair De Rose is screaming luxury.

The exciting part is not over with the exterior aesthetics; the Tudor Clair De Rose offers eight costly diamond hands, which adds to the watch’s overall stunning and beautiful looking aesthetic. In order to protect its astonishing dial, Tudor added a sapphire crystal glass on its front to lessen or minimize the chance of being scratched in case of fall.

The Tudor Clair De Rose 34mm uses a self-winding machine-like or mechanical movement, the caliber T601 that provides an impressive 38 hours of power. Tudor didn’t go too fancy on the Clair De Rose’s bracelet; they managed to at least put a decent high-end stainless steel bracelet with a safety catch and folding clasp.


Tudor is one of the oldest watchmakers in the industry; they started manufacturing luxury watches in 1926. With this, you can tell that they already know what they’re doing. In terms of luxury watch collection, Tudor has a very vast array of watches, and all of them possess Tudor’s many years of watchmaking experience and knowledge.

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