Twitch streamer suspended for Chun-Li cosplay


Twitch temporarily suspended the Quqco streamer account for violating its guidelines on “sexually suggestive content or activities.” The suspension came after a weekend broadcast during which she disguised herself as Street Fighter stalwart Chun-Li. As noted by Kotaku (and known even to casual Street Fighter fans), the outfit includes a thigh-high slit. But Quqco told the site that she “bought one size up to make sure the slit wasn’t too high.”

Quqco also told Kotaku that the suspension was due to “a group of trolls” who have repeatedly attacked her with mass reports. “They denounced me immediately because they called me an idiot,” she said.


A LivestreamFail moderator denied any connection to the most recent broadcast, but according to Kotaku, a member of the group wrote in a since deleted post, “Lmao saw her broadcasting again today and instantly reported the thot.”

One of the biggest challenges streamers face is that Twitch’s guidelines for sexually suggestive content are notoriously vague.

  • Behavior and comment
  • Reaction to content, such as chat messages from the announcer, moderators, and what chat messages they allow in their community.
  • Clothing and surroundings, such as location and background music, accessories, etc.
  • Camera framing, angle and focus
  • Streaming attributes, such as title, intros / outros, custom thumbnails, and other metadata
  • Profile and channel content, such as banners, profile picture, emoticons, and dashboards.
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The guidelines include an explanation for the lack of specific rules regarding clothing, saying that as Twitch expands its content offerings, “the need to update the range of outfits that is acceptable” also changes:

Community Guidelines

“For example, something that is acceptable for a beach or gym broadcast may not be acceptable for a cooking or game broadcast. In an effort to help creators comply with our Community Guidelines in the same way that they would with expectations for real-world behavior, we have updated our policies to reflect that we will consider not only the outfit itself, but also the contextual setting in which it is worn and the intent of the person wearing it, when moderating the content. Remember that sexually explicit o Suggestive content, such as nudity that exposes or focuses on the genitals, buttocks or nipples, and clothing that is intended to be sexually suggestive is prohibited. “

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