Uncover the Hidden Meanings of Market Research: Facts from NetBase Quid

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When it comes to operating a business in today’s technology-driven world, CEOs and entrepreneurs need to find ways to take advantage of market research. This form of education can alert a company to coming trends, competition, and what their consumers want from them. This is a lot of data to absorb, and there are ways to break it into usable graphs and reports for marketing teams.

NetBase Quid is a company that has developed a platform that scoops up market research from various resources. Some of the entities their technology can track are the traditional social media platforms and Google websites, but they also follow patents and shared documents. This is a broader approach to data collection that helps a company tap into more than just likes and shares.

Forms of Market Research

As noted by NetBase Quid, there are enormous amounts of ways to collect useful stats and information. Some forms of market research are focused on the macro-economy. This larger picture might be things that are trending internationally. For example, the pandemic and the coronavirus are subjects discussed and written around the world. When using the proper research tools, smaller businesses can discover hot topics and use that information in conjunction with their own product or service to tell a story or bring attention to their site.

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Micro research takes into account lesser-known subjects, but that may be essential to your enterprise. For people targeting very specific niches or specialties, the world of micro-information can help build a stable platform to develop a marketing plan with a correct business plan template.


At first, the benefits of doing market research might seem obvious, but you may soon find out that it is difficult and time-consuming once you undertake the task. Using the simplest forms of tracking, such as noticing how many thumbs up you are getting, is not the most competitive way to do business. The data farmed from doing research can save time and effort immediately and in future processes. What it takes is knowledge and understanding of the information being harvested.

Now What?

Some business owners do not struggle with collecting data. These operations might find plenty of pertinent information sprinkled throughout the search engines and across social media. Once all of this information is compiled, there needs to be a workable plan to further your business’ growth.

Some entities do not get this far because collecting the information and storing it in a user-friendly model is not easy. Operations, such as NetBase Quid, use technical teams to create portals and templates that first capture the information and then turn it into usable data.

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What you can tap into is what consumers want as well as what they don’t want. This information can create positive and negative advertising pieces highlighting how your company can benefit them or save them from pain. In the world of business, you should be looking at ways you can add quality to a person’s life or help them solve problems.

Managing Market Research

As you capture the information and develop marketing plans, there is still another step. Tracking and managing the effects of your posts, videos, and blogs will help you refine the message and create more strategies. Consumers are hungry for information, and they have been trained to search for it, read reviews, and hunt for ratings. Following the efforts of your research will let you know if you are heading down the right path. For some businesses, this could mean an increase in sales, but for others, they may be looking to gain social influence. These are all areas that proper research and implementation can develop.

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