Valve isn’t interested in advertising on Steam, rep assures


Both Sony and Microsoft have implemented display ads on their respective consoles, so what’s stopping Valve from doing the same on Steam? It’s a good question, and it’s one that Gamespot posed to Valve’s Erik Johnson, who thankfully answered that it just wouldn’t work on his platform.

“We don’t see a case for it ever getting value for the user,” Johnson said, when asked if Doritos, for example, could find valuable advertising on the platform. “So we wouldn’t. I don’t think those will ever work either. To go one step further, I don’t think anyone will buy Doritos as a result of that.”

“We tend to focus on long-term relationships.” He continued. “It would be a bad business decision, much less silly.”

If there’s ever a good reason not to do something, that “dumb” thing is up there. Instead, Valve is focusing on a number of new products and services that will be released soon, including steamrep Link, which we already saw before. You are also planning long-term overhauls for your Steam Controller.

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