Warframe’s Deadlock Protocol update adds a new boss, new warframe and remastered levels today

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Warframe’s massive Deadlock Protocol update launches today, bringing with it revisions to early-game area visuals, a reworked boss, a new playable warframe, and more unlockable goodies.

Most of the update is the new visual style of the Corpus ship areas. As the game uses procedurally generated levels, the set of tiles used on the Corpus ships has been in the game since its release in 2012. It often felt like a hodgepodge of gray corridors, so the new update has given them all a new coat of paint. Corpus ships are now more colorful and visually interesting, with shrines and statues for Corpus elites. Digital Extremes has also hinted at “new dangers” in the levels.

The Jackal box has also been improved and is part of an ongoing event in the game. For seven days after the update drops, players will be able to participate in Jackal Sorties to take on a much more challenging level 100 version of the boss. For a preview of how this new boss fight will play out, there is a new trailer that specifically focuses on the Jackal.

Protea Warframe

The latest major content update comes in the form of the new Protea warframe. His role appears to be to block and enforce control over specific areas, with his ability to launch cluster grenades, turrets, and a dispensary for his teammates. However, Protea’s biggest trick is the time anchor, which records his movements. Should she be damaged, knocked down, or disabled herself, the anchor will rewind Protea’s actions, return damage to enemies, and reload her ammo, shields, and health.


A number of new cosmetics, armor and weapon packs, dojo decorations, and more will also be added as part of the Lockdown Protocol update. For a full breakdown of these, visit the Warframe blog.

Warframe is the type of game that I always have installed, but I am too intimidated to play. Maybe with the first few areas now looking a little more attractive, and Protea looking really fun to play with, I could jump in again and give it another spin.

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