What Are The Two Most Unique Cultures of The World?

Arab Culture

A culture is a set of customary beliefs, social norms, and the material traits of the racial religious, and social group. It also contains the characteristics and features of everyday routine with the shared attitude of particular regions, goals, and values.

Understanding a culture requires changing the understanding of languages, their differences, and their differences in knowledge, beliefs, and perceptions. Cultures of the world are intriguing and fascinating. There are cultural exchange programs and also different people like to study different cultural behaviors and practices. Culture also addresses the ways of life including all the beliefs and institutions of the population which are passed from generation to generation.

Two of the important cultures of the world are

  1. Arab culture
  2. Persian culture 

1. Arab Culture

Arab culture and languages are considered one of the world’s ancient cultures. It includes literature, music, dance, and language with a lot more.

Arab Literature 

Literature Arabic literature including prose and poetry is content that is produced by scholars and speakers of the Arabic language. The word that they use for Arabic literature is Adab and it is derived from the word where they invite someone for a meal and also implies politeness, their culture, and enrichment. Furthermore, Arabic literature also emerged in the 6th century due to the fragments of the written language. The Quran holy book which represents the religion Islam has the greatest and long-lasting effect on Arabic culture and literature. This is what also makes it important to clear the variant of Arabic required while offering Arabic translation services.

Arab Music

Arabic music is quite popular due to its distinct composition. It has been dominated by Cairo for quite a long. Cairo was a cultural center that had musical innovation and regional styles coming from Tunisia to Saudi Arabia. Moreover, Beirut has also emerged as the major Arabic music lately. Classic Arabic music is greatly popular all across its population.

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The dance forms that Arab folks prefer are often referred to as an oriental dance. Moreover, the dance practices in the middle eastern and eastern dances refer to the traditional folk dance of the Arabs in the Arab world. People also affiliate the Arab dance with the belly dance. However, traditional Arab dance has many forms.

Arabic Language

Arabic is a Semitic language and it is a common language in the Arab world. Arabic is one of the ancient languages of the world. It has two main variants one of which is Modern Standard Arabic and classical Arabic. Arabic is the official language of more than 26 states as well as an official language of the United Nations. Translation companies also keep on looking for native translators for professional Arabic translation to meet the increasing demand.

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2. Persian Culture

Persian culture is one of the oldest cultures in the world. This is why it has left its impact on almost all other prominent cultures of the world. It has a rich historical background and is one of the most celebrated cultures in the world.

Persian Literature

Persian literature is quite rich and has a history of centuries. It consists of oral compositions as well as written texts. Also, it is among the world’s ancient and oldest literature spanning over two and half millennia. Famous German scholar and poet Goethe named it one of the four pillars of world literature. Ferdowsi, Saadi, Hafiz, Attar, Nezami, Rumi, and Omar Khayyam are a few of the popular and celebrated writers.

Persian literature is mainly composed of the following

  • Poetry
  • Prose writings
  • Biographies, historical works, and hagiographies
  • Literary criticism
  • Storytelling

Persian proverbs and tales are quite popular and have been translated into many languages to entertain readers all over the world. A lot of companies hire professional Farsi translation solutions to translate the tales known as ‘Hikayts’ in order to engage their audiences. It is also worth mentioning that Persian literature has a great influence on the different kinds of literature of the world.

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Persian Music

Persian traditional music is quite popular among the people. It refers to classical music. It comprises different characteristics including the country’s classical, medieval and contemporary eras. Persian music has influenced the regions and areas of greater Iran as well. Iranian or Faras music contributes greatly to Persian culture. It is also taken as a spiritual tool. As people throughout history have taken it as more than music and recreational activity. Folk and pop music compositions are the most popular ones.


Various forms of dance are associated with Persian culture. These may vary with the area, culture, and language. It also contains a sophisticated reconstruction of refined court dances into folk performances. The most common genre of dance in Persian culture has four categories.

  • Chain or Line dances
  • Dolo dance
  • War or combat dances
  • Ritual or spiritual dances

A lot of dance games are also available as part of the Persian culture. However professional game localization services are significant to cater to the global market.

Persian Language

Persian or Farsi language belongs to the Iranian branch of Indo Iranian subdivision and comes from the Indo-European language. It is a language that is predominantly spoken and official in Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan. It has three mutually intelligible standard varieties.

  • Iranian Persian
  • Dari Persian
  • Tajiki Persian

The language is written in the Persian alphabet in Iran and Afghanistan which has been derived from the Arabic script. It is also worth mentioning that the translators who chip into Farsi translation services should be aware of the basic variants of the language and its script and translation companies should ensure that they hire native speakers for the job.

Final Words

Arabic and Persian cultures are two of the most extensive, unique, and ancient cultures of the world. The Arabic and Farsi literature contributes to the world greatly as well as the dance variants are also popular worldwide. Farsi literature was also called one of the four pillars of world literature by the famous German playwright and poet, Goethe.

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