What documents are essential for LEI?

legal unit identifier


If you are willing to transact within the global financial system, chances are you will need a Lei (legal unit identifier).  This is mandatory in many countries around the world, including India, and without Lei, some financial institutions may refuse to do business with you.

The Lei system has been made mandatory in India since 2017 to prevent bidding banking fraud and improve market transparency. Businesses, investors, and corporate lenders only borrow what they need, some people, and internationally all institutions will need Lei.

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If you are a limited company or sole trader in India, you may not need Lei by law. You may still decide to get a code before you need it, especially if you are engaged in activities to some extent as Lei is increasingly being adopted as a world standard.

Documents required for ELISA registration

Many documents will be required to get the ELISA number. We ask that you upload it to our registration page.

Documents you upload to your legal entity for verification of official registry data. It should be the name of your legally registered entity, your current address and the name of the primary stakeholders (as CEO).

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Any of the following documents will also be accepted as part of your application for ELI.

   *Power of attorney or legal documents

   *Certificate of Join

   *Certificate of office

   *Association Articles

  * Registry extract or official filing

   There are no other binding documents that register the annual report, such as verification of necessary ILLI data for directors, your audited accounts, etc.

Other documents that may be required

In some circumstances you may need to count the level 2 data.

If you are reporting parental information, you will need to confirm the existence of relationships with related documents connected accounts.

If you are a user, employer, or if you are applying on behalf of the other legal entity, signed by an authorized signatory on which you may be asked to provide a letter of authority.

T any other information about the LEI requirements LE, including the LEI documentation required for registration, please contact us. You can find more information on our Frequently Asked Questions page, and many helpful articles in our blog.

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Legal entities that need an ELISA number.

The ELI code is required for any legal entity that classifies one of the following.  This list is not complete, so if you are unsure of your need you should contact your local registration agent.

Banks, lenders and investment companies

   *Trade OTC derivatives.

   *Self-managed super-innovation fund traders and investors

   *Financial intermediary

   *Mutual funds and investors in hedge funds

  *Commodity traders

   “Institutions listed on the stock exchange

   “Retired plans

   *CFD (Agreement for Difference)

   Any organization is required to comply with Star (Securities Financing Transaction Regulations).


If you have a LEI number, we recommend your services. We are the fastest Leei agent in India, and support all types of companies in the country. It is easy to apply for the Lei number, and our application process is fast and efficient.  You will get your LEI number in a few hours, and then you will be able to deal with your position.

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