What is Considered a Heavy Haul Load?

Heavy Haul Load

We’ve all seen the trucks on the highway with the oversized load signs. Have you ever wondered why some loads require special treatment, and others don’t?

Oversized freight requires special care to get from point A to point B. Heavy haul loads require special permits from the DOT to legally travel across the country. If you need to ship something in Canada, it requires a wholly different set of documents. Using an experienced, heavy hauler freight forwarders network can make these challenges much more comfortable to face.

Pilot cars are required if the size of the load meets specific criteria. These vehicles have the large Oversize Load signs on them and typically have a flashing yellow caution light. Pilot cars typically drive in front or behind the load to warn other drivers of the oversize cargo. Various regulations depend on the overall weight, height, width, and length of the shipment.

When plotting out the route for your heavy haul, you’ll need to take into consideration any obstacles the driver may encounter. You will need to avoid things like narrow roads, low bridges, tunnels, extreme grades, and other potential trouble spots. Having a transportation company that will take care of these logistical plans will save you considerable time and headaches.

What do Heavy Haulers Typically Move? 

Heavy haulers move massive amounts of freight every day throughout the country. Loads can vary from sizeable industrial construction equipment to military vehicles like tanks and transport vehicles. There are many items that require the help of a heavy hauler, and each will require specific permits to make the trip. Premade homes and airliner parts often travel by heavy transport.

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Bulldozers, cranes, front end loaders, and more construction equipment gets shipped by heavy haulers daily. Agricultural equipment like tractors and harvesters are also too heavy to be sent by standard methods.

What Considerations do Heavy Haul Truckers Have to Be Aware of? 

Heavy haul drivers will need to have a solid understanding of the rules and regulations that they are bound by. In the US, the Department of Transportation sets guidelines and rules that are enforced to keep the highways as safe as possible. Heavy haulers are required to acquire specialized permits and paperwork, all of which the driver must know and maintain as they travel across the country.

The driver also needs to be aware that when loading and unloading the freight, they and any other workers helping them are under OSHA regulations. Following their guidelines will ensure a safe, efficient job.

Heavy hauler drivers need to be aware of the current health concerns around the country. COVID-19 has impacted all of us, some much more significant than others. Being able to work efficiently while also staying safe and secure from the virus requires the driver to take a few extra steps:

  • Wear a mask in public places
  • Limit time spent in truck stops and rest areas
  • Wash hands frequently and use hand sanitizer
  • Make a plan with your employer for procedures if you do become infected
  • Create a contingency plan including where you stop, medical treatment, and a plan to get the freight delivered
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Follow all CDC recommendations to ensure your safety as well as the health and safety of those you encounter.

Who are the Best Heavy Haul Companies in the United States? 

When searching for the best heavy equipment hauling companies in the US, keep Osage Specialized Transport in mind. With a professional, experienced team of drivers, safety and efficiency are at the forefront of everything they do. As one of the transportation industry leaders in safety and on-time deliveries, Osage Specialized Transport has its customers’ best interests at heart. The company believes in honest, direct, fair, and safe transportation. Osage works with drivers throughout the continental US and Canada to give full nationwide shipping.

Swift Transportation operates heavy haulers in the Northwestern US and Canada. Swift offers a variety of trailer configurations to assist with unique haul situations throughout the Pacific Northwest region. They are quickly becoming one of the best providers in the region.

Penske is another reputable carrier that offers heavy haul options. There are several resources they rely on to deliver your products quickly and safely. With years of experience, Penske has a wide variety of delivery and transportation options.

Daseke is a national leader among flatbed hauling services. They provide a wide range of heavy hauling options with regional and localized options available. With a growing fleet and an experienced team, Daseke is rising up the list quickly.

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