What is digital transformation?

digital transformation

Digital transformation is considered to be an integrated process for evaluating the performance of heavy tangents. It is incorporated and integrated into a given industry in such a way that it becomes a part and parcel of it. Digital transformation has been able to transform the functioning of every conventional industry. Let us know more about what is digital transformation.


It has been able to incorporate the benefits of technology in the conventional industries for making them more productive. Digitalization and Technology are the important parameters for enhancing productivity with the help of economies of scale. That is because all the industries are now depending upon technology and hence are the products of digital transformation.

Industries which got transformed

There are numerous type of industries apart from the information technology Industry that have benefited due to digitalisation. The list of all the important industries which have been able to benefit a lot have been given in the following way.

Banking industry

Banking was considered to be a conventional activity of accepting deposits and giving loans. It was because the amount of the people who were dependent upon the banking services were very less. But due to the development of the economy, every person and a company is dependent upon the Bank. Digital transformation has been able to assist the entire infrastructure of Banking.

It is only because of this transformation that the bank can be accessed from your mobile phone with just a tap. You can send money from one place to another even without visiting the bank. You can even take a loan online or renew your insurance policy. It is only because of this that a maximum revenue can be generated by the banks.

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Entertainment industry

All the movies and web series to watch today are other products of digital transformation. The development of Over the Top platforms like Amazon prime and  Netflix have also been the products of this only. Because of this technology additional effects like animation can be added to the movies. It has been able to increase the content of the movies.

Even the marketing of the movie is made much easier with the help of this entertainment industry. It is having issues of importance. That is one of the most important reasons why the marketing of the movies and the revenue of the entertainment industry has been increasing.


Apart from the luxurious Industries, the conventional business industry has also developed. It is technically the cause of the simple reason that no business can be managed without Technology. During the process of production the software of the important machines helps to enhance productivity.

Similarly in marketing and distribution Technology has been able to bring a huge amount of impact. It has technically opened a huge amount of International and national markets for businessmen. Everything is just possible with the tap. It is an important concept with the help of which marketing and distribution has been strengthened.


Service industry

All the servicing Industries like restaurants and cafes have also been able to achieve a new target with the help of digital transformation. It is because of the functioning of cloud kitchen models on swiggy and Zomato. You don’t technically need to visit the restaurant to enjoy your favourite meal. Simply placing it in order on swiggy would do it.

The marketing of important food chain joints like Dominos and Pizza Hut have also been extended. This service industry has been able to benefit in terms of new customer base and reduced cost of production. That is how the digital transformation is working for its benefit.


Digital transformation is an important concept which has uplifted the face of the country. It has been able to contribute positively to the gross domestic product. It is only because of this particular capacity that the best amount of output can be generated. It has been able to play an important role altogether.

In such a situation it becomes important to figure out what next is expected out of it. It has been able to play a super productive role altogether. The instances of increased output and profitability are all because of this digital transformation only. It has been able to positively impact the life.

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