What is ID fraud? How to identify ID frauds?

id fraud

As tech is advancing, people are also busy finding new ways to exploit it. Many people are doing ID frauds and doing illegal things. There exist many premium fake id websites on the internet that provide forged IDs and driving licenses used in fraudulent activities and allow minors to do things illegal for minors to have access to. In the past couple of decades, these activities have grown drastically becoming a pain in the neck for the government and law enforcement agencies.

ID frauds can be divided into three types based on how they are done. They are

  •       Borrowed ID
  •       Fake ID
  •       Altered ID

Borrowed ID

Borrowed ID is the most common type of ID fraud. More than 90% of teens involved in ID frauds use borrowed IDs. Teenagers may use different sources, like they borrow IDs of their older siblings, older friends or older family members. There have been cases where teens stole stranger’s ID and used it to enter clubs and parties.

Some ways to spot borrowed ID frauds are

  •       Comparing the picture on ID with the person.
  •       Comparing the physical appearance on the card with the person.
  •       Look out for expired cards.
  •       Ask questions about bio-data on the card.
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Fake ID

To dodge the security agencies, minors purchase fake IDs that are almost identical to the real ones and are made using some really advanced technology. The primary source of these fake IDs is the internet. On the internet there are many premium fake id websites that act as a vendor of these forged IDs. While making a fake ID these days, every detail is taken care of and made sure to be making it as real as possible.

Here are some ways that can be used to identify these fake ids.

  •       Inspect the ID physically, it might differ in weight or thickness.
  •       The flexibility of material can also be used to differentiate between real and fake ones.
  •       The visual appearance should be compared, as there may be anything left out in the fake one that may help in its identification.
  •       Becoming well aware of the ID’s look and feel. If you have expertise with this, it is a matter of seconds to figure out if it’s real or not.

Altered ID

Since the government has raised the standards and have begun to issue complex carbs that are pretty difficult to mock or alter. A very common technique used in alteration of IDs is the application of clear fingernail polish or superglue and print new data on it because altering the picture on the ID is risky as it might get thick which will lead to instant identification.

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These are a few things you can look out for while checking an altered ID.

  •       Look for change in color, hue or fonts as there is a chance of missing out on these things.
  •       Touch the card and look for bumps on it. As glue might have thickened little, leaving a room for identification.

ID frauds can lead to punishments like 90 days or more than a year in jail or a heavy fine depending upon the usage of ID and the laws of that particular state. We should avoid doing any such activity that breaches the state’s laws and puts us in unwanted situations resulting in bad consequences.

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