What Is Market Liquidity and Why Is It Important – A Brief Overview

market liquidity

If you’re looking to invest in the stock market, you’ve likely heard the term market liquidity several times.

Market liquidity refers to how easily you can turn one asset into another. In most cases, this refers to converting your stocks into cash. If you want to invest in the market you want to know how it works and when’s the best time to take advantage of it.

This guide will show you what you need to know about financial liquidity amid a growing economy.

Here’s what you need to know:

What Is Market Liquidity?

Market liquidity is when one turns one asset into another asset that brings it more value. Or it could refer to turning an asset into one that offers greater safety in the current economy.

For example, you might wish to sell off your stocks for cash. Or you might want to convert your cash to gold. Or you might want to sell your gold to a bullion dealer in exchange for Bitcoin.

You want to stick to assets that have high liquidity. In a growing economy, the average investor becomes complacent and doesn’t think about liquidity. But you want to think about liquidity in the case of a financial emergency.

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This is crucial when your government begins Quantitative tightening. When your currency inflates, then you need to liquidate into safer assets.

Now let’s look at some of the safest assets during such scenarios.

Safe Assets

As a general rule, precious metals have been considered safe assets during times of inflation. Gold and silver bullion is rarer than fiat currency and maintains its value.

Often, when your cash loses its value you might wish to convert it to gold or silver. Bitcoin has also become a safe haven asset in our digital age. As there can be only 21 million Bitcoins, it can’t lose its value the way that fiat can.

Real estate is often considered a safe asset as well. Since we’ll always need a roof above our heads, you can almost always sell or rent out your property. However, most places have high property taxes and there aren’t always favorable laws for landlords.

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As a result, if you don’t have a steady cash flow you might struggle with maintaining real estate.

The stock market is often a safe asset. This is especially true if you invest in stocks that get used during an economic crisis. While cash isn’t a safe asset in most cases, you can stick to currencies that have lower inflation rates such as the Swiss Franc or Kuwaiti Dinar.

Invest in a Liquid Market

Now you know what market liquidity is and how you can prepare for a growing economy and a financial crisis.

You want to choose assets that you can make liquid as fast as possible. You want to convert your assets to another strong asset without much delay.

In a financial crisis, precious metals and Bitcoin are often the best choices. If you have a steady cash flow then consider real estate. Cash is mostly useless unless you invest in stronger currencies.

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