What To Do Before A Flight


When it comes to air travel, it is never been an easy job, It can become quite stressful, you have to check everything several times, from making sure your luggage doesn’t exceed 50 pounds and boarding on the time it can be quite annoying.

Here are a few tips by Write My Essay Today you can do to make your next flight comfortable and much fun experience.

1.Airline’s app

It is way better to download the airline’s app beforehand and make sure that your reservation details are in it and use it to check-in, most flights are also providing entertainment on your device through their apps.

2.Air craft alternatives

When you get on the flight don’t forget to check for seats and amenities, every plane has a different style, To make sure you are flying on the plane of your choice don’t forget to check air crafts seats and style on the carrier’s site.

3.Stay organized

While taking your flight you need to stay organized to make your journey quite easy to use one of the air apps to keep you informed about check-in, flight status, gate numbers, and timing.

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4.Real time report

You can’t rely totally on air app for timing they might sometimes go wrong, use flight stats to keep you informed well of flight timing, weather condition, flight history, It gives you an advantage as it delivers real-time information if your flight gets delayed or canceled you will be first to know and first to rebook.

5.Liquor lowdown

Make sure not to take more than 3.4 ounces(100 ml) liquid with yourself through TSA checkpoints, and always them in see-through begging.


keep your liquids and laptops in beg, and keep wearing your shoes and belts and go for TSA pre-check, It will cost you 85$ for precheck.

7.Bag size

Nowadays there is strict handbag checking so don’t carry beg too big that occupy more area than your limits, it’s better to check your bags dimension to avoid any consequence.


Everyone is carrying more than a single gadget nowadays so keep your gadgets in checks like phones, laptops, tablets, their particular chargers, and one emergency extra charger, power backup, to keep your gadgets organized you can use certain organizers they come in varieties choose one according to your needs.


9.Batteries removal

To avoid any fire situations flights are taking action on batteries, if you are carrying one make sure to take one which has removable batteries, you can remove batteries while checking in, but don’t leave them at home you can’t rely on airplane charging ports.

10.Comfortable clothing

You never know about the airplane environment, sometimes it can be icing cold and some time can be quite warm so you need to be prepared for any situation, you can’t trust airplane air conditioning in hot weathers so try to dress something stylish with multilayer so you can add or remove as desired, wearing comfortable clothes will make your flight even easier.

These tips will help your next flight more comfortable and enjoyable.

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