What to do in WoW this week: the Darkmoon Faire continues

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Prepare to attack

This week Ny’alotha is released on Normal and Heroic difficulty. These difficulties allow for flexible group sizes and cross-server groupings, so you should be able to find a group in the Finding Group tool if your guild is not attacking. The instance entrance is at the western end of the Vale of Eternal Blossoms in Pandaria.

Start this week with five full Bonus Spins to use in the new raid titan residuum, plus the two new ones that are available to collect in the weekly reset. Use the first five, take advantage during a break, and buy the additional two for seven bonus opportunities on Ny’alotha’s raid team.

To learn more about Ny’alotha, the Mythic and Looking for Raid difficulties begin next week. Your goal should be to get as close as possible to a total cleanup for Azerite cultivation and for better quality and corrupt equipment.

The new Mythic plus season begins

This week marks the beginning of Season 4 of Mythic plus, erasing the slate of your previous raider.io scores and allowing you to forever banish thoughts of troublesome Emissary mobs in the dungeons.

The new affix is ​​Corrupted, which places four obelisks in each dungeon. Clicking on the obelisk takes you to a shadow realm. This mimics the real dungeon and is where you fight a mini-boss and his additional friends. The place where you kill the boss creates a portal to that point in the royal dungeon.

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Mythic Keystones drop by four this week, so when you open your weekly chest, you’ll get a key four levels down from the highest difficulty dungeon you ran last week. If you didn’t try Corrupt in the Public Testing Realm, a lower key is worth exploring: the new affix is ​​present in all dungeons level ten and up.

Strategies to better use these obelisks will unfold throughout the season, but for now your goal should be to complete a level 15 Mythic plus dungeon this week – that’s where the gear level you’ll get from next week’s chest will arrive. maxed out (at item level 475.)

After that, because this week’s dungeon ending team has a 445 item level cap, don’t execute anything above +6 except to set your strategies for later. If you want or need to farm Level 445 gear, spam Level 6 and Mythic dungeons this week. Just remember that they will feel like last week’s difficulty level 10.

New Mythic plus dungeons debut

Two new Mythic plus difficulty dungeons will begin this week: Operation: Mechagon Junkyard (outer areas) and Workshop (inner areas) are now available in Mythic plus. Many of the bosses have been nerfed, so they are easier on Low Mythic than they used to be on Simple Mythic.

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Hard Mode is not available in Mythic plus, but it is still available in Simple Mythic difficulty.

If you’re cultivating Vision of Perfection Azerite Essence buffs for your Heart Neck of Azeroth, any of the dungeons can place them in the chests at the end of the dungeon, and this is a great way to finish that job. Vision’s activation rate received an improvement with patch 8.3, so it works well in many classes.

The rings that drop in both dungeons are top of their class for many characters due to their large stat allocation and mini-set effects when you carry two. Check to see if that’s the case for your class and specialization, but for most, the Mechagon Keys are worth making this week, even with gear limited to 445.

Keep up that Horrific Visions farming

If you did your max of six Horrible Visions last week, you can only get one Legendary Cloak update from them this week. If you missed any last week, you can catch up this week, with a maximum possible layer level of 7.

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