What to do with small rice cakes in Destiny 2

small rice cake destiny

Not sure what to do with all those rice cakes you’re finding on the moon in Destiny 2’s Shadowkeep expansion? We’re not surprised. We are surprised that rice cakes factor into a game about space wizards and a cosmic battle between light and dark, but here we are.

Here’s what to do with small rice cakes and how to find them in the first place.

What to do with the small rice cakes

Feed them to a Jade Rabbit, duh! OK, so it’s not that obvious, but maybe you’ve already bumped into a strange rabbit statue tucked away in a quiet corner of the moon. If you’re lacking a small rice cake, the snide bastard will say “You lack something.” No, it’s not confidence, it’s a snack.

Find one, which I cover below, and you can feed it to the statue for a Phantasmal Fragment or, if the stars align, a Phantasmal Core. It’s just another cute way to stock up on materials for the Lectern of Enchantment so you can make more nightmare-averse armor.

Chances are something happens if you feed every Jade Rabbit a small rice cake, but it’ll probably take a few weeks for the drop to refresh enough times to feed them all.

Where to find small rice cakes

If you’ve been dinking around on the moon for long enough, a rice cake has probably already wormed its way into you inventory. That’s because rice cakes are a random drop from moon chests, public events, and destination resources. If you’ve yet to find one, that’s the glory of RNG, baby.

I haven’t found one yet and I’ve been spending every spare second of time hopping around my favorite small rice cake destiny 2 destination. Keep on keeping on and you’ll find one eventually. A big stack is only, like, five bucks at the store though.