What to Expect When Hiring a Wedding Band in Boston

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Boston is the capital of Massachusetts and one of the most populated cities in the United States. It makes sense, of course, since the city is replete in history as it traces its origins back to 1630 when Puritan pioneers settled in the Shawmut Peninsula. In terms of its place in the annals of the country, most of the significant historical milestones occurred here, such as the Boston Tea Party, the Boston Massacre, and the Battle of Bunker Hill. With iconic landmarks, alongside the modern skyscrapers, Boston is a great place to get married. The locations like the Worcester Art Museum, Metropolitan Waterworks Museum, and the Liberty Fleet of Tall Ships, among others, will leave you breathless.

Now that you have chosen your location, the wedding dress, and your caterer, the next step is to hire wedding bands in Boston.  But a number of couples do not consider hiring professionals for the event with the misconception that will blow up their budget.

However, with a little bit of juggling, it is not outside the sphere of your reality. For instance, the average cost of hiring a wedding band is about $720 per hour. Most couples, however, spend about $4,500 for the whole ceremony. Of course, the price will vary according to the state, experience of the wedding band, the number of pieces needed, and the duration they are expected to perform.

Here are things to know before hiring a wedding band:

  1. They will want to interview you to know your respective personalities. Typically, couples have their own songs. The aim is to personalize the experience and make your wedding a memorable one. Even if they arrange their own music, they want to add your favorite songs. They would also want some details about the location of the ceremony and the reception to determine where they would be setting up.
  2. The wedding band will typically perform a set of music for a total of two hours. However, this will be spread within a four-hour period at the ceremony, cocktail, dinner, reception, or the dance floor. Make sure to hire a band with the experience to split the songs into different sets, as well as breaks in between.
  3. You can customize your wedding package. For instance, you can choose a violin and cello duo, an acoustic guitar with vocal solo, a two-piece acoustic duo, a five-piece band, a string quartet, a seven-piece band, or a DJ plus a two-piece acoustic duo. You can also talk to the wedding band on how to properly optimize their expertise to get the most value for your money.
  4. You need to book months in advance, especially if you are hiring an in-demand band. In some cases, these wedding bands in Boston are fully booked in the next 12 months. To ensure your reservation, you need to pay a deposit upfront, which would usually be 50% of the total agreed cost.
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Equipment at the ceremony:

Wedding bands need time to set up the equipment at the ceremony. They typically arrive 15-30 minutes before the ceremony to do so. But they will not count it against the time you have booked them for. In the same vein, they will also need the same amount of time to pack their equipment. For the reception, they will be at the location for about an hour before the party starts. Again, this is outside of the time of your booking.

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