Where to find and kill all the Legendary Animals in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

blood starved beast

Looking to hunt down all the legendary animals in AC Valhalla? There is a lot going on in 9th century England. There are many monasteries that must be raided and numerous disputes that must be resolved in the various regions. But if everything is getting a little too much and you want a little time to yourself, why not take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and start hunting down an important game.

Of course, to begin with, you will need to have built Hunter’s Hut in your AC Valhalla settlement. But once everything is in order, there is nothing stopping you from going to the field and tracking down these burly beasts. So, I’m here to help you find all of the AC Valhalla Legendary Animal Locations and describe the rewards you will receive for taking them down.

Legendary animals of AC Valhalla: here’s how to find them

This guide shows the exact location of each blood starved beast, but if you want to find them without our help, you are looking for blue markers on your world map. If you zoom in on the blue markers, you can hear the legendary animal that corresponds to that location. Most of them can be found in circular arenas, with roughly one animal roaming each region.

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As for redeeming AC Valhalla’s Legendary Animal Rewards, you need to build the Hunter’s Hut in your settlement and talk to Wallace, who will reward you with cosmetic schematics and special weapons when you deliver his skins. Notable items include Petra’s Arc, a special Predator Bow, and Vord’rs Bite, a unique Ax. You will also get a trophy in your longhouse. What better way to spend your nights than with the dead eyes of an animal staring at you?

Rygjafylke: Elk of Bloody Peaks

You will find this nasty moose in Norway, on a frozen platform under a waterfall. Useful abilities here include the “Brush with Death” ability, which can slow down the time when the elk pounces on you. Meanwhile, any Poison accumulation skills will also help end this fight faster.
Hordafylke: Bear of the Blue Waters

This boss fight takes place on a small layer of ice on the fringes of Norway (the part you don’t visit at the beginning of the game). The blue water bear is a giant polar bear with swords on its back. There is no point in beating around the bush here; This is a tough fight. Bring your best gear and hug that back leg.

Oxenefordscire: The Corpse Feeders

The Body Feeders are a trio of dogs west of Earnningstone in Oxenefordscire. Because this is a three-on-one battle, the Raven School Miasma ability comes in handy as it spews out a cloud of poison that affects everyone with poison attacks when an enemy is killed.

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Lincolnscire: Gemad Wulf

Northeast of Aelfgarstun in some ruins, you will find Gemad Wulf. This obnoxious spotted pup will intermittently summon the wolves to wear you down as he retreats to the rear. Eventually, he will start circling the arena and avoid you, so you will have to chase him with your bow while his annoying wolf army stalks you.

East Anglia: Black Shulk

Among some ancient ruins northeast of Colcestre, you’ll find this hideous evil dog feasting on a corpse. If you’re familiar with Bloodborne, this boss looks a lot like Blood-Starved Beast, a lightning-fast damage dealer that deals cheap hits like candy. He constantly dodges to keep you up to date.

Suthsexe: Aelfred’s Battle Cattle

Directly south of Lunden, there is a herd of bulls in a swampy pen. Like The Corpse Feeders, using Miasma to create a cloud of doom comes in handy here. You should also focus on the nasty sow and dodge her buddies, otherwise they will eventually overwhelm you.

The last mythical beast is an ice-armored bear in Jotunheim, a realm that is unlocked through the Seer’s Hut once you complete the Asgard Bow while under Valka’s spell. Once you collect the plants needed to go to Jotunheim, the battle is north of the snake tree sync point and east of Utgard. This is by far the most complicated animal battle in the game. Use firearms and bring lots of rations.

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