Which is The Best STP Packer in 2023?

Which is The Best STP Packer in 2023?

A transman’s life is not easy. There are many products or many things that are needed to go on in life. When we look for an STP packer, we find many companies. But we don’t know which product will be good for us. This is why we end up with a variety of wrong products that we regret buying.

When we start hormone therapy as prescribed by the doctor, our body undergoes various changes and as a result we feel a little hesitant to go to the toilet outside.

This is because whenever we go to the toilet outside, someone stops us and asks what is our gender? This is why we feel uncomfortable using female toilets after taking hormones. And for this reason we use male toilet but the problem is we can’t urinate standing up before the bottom surgery. And this task has been made easy by STP Packer. For STP Packer we can urinate anytime anywhere.

Now we come to the main topic. Here today we will discuss which STP packer we use to conduct our daily life and which STP packer we should buy and also know which is the best STP Packer in 2023.

What is an STP packer?

An STP is a device that a transgender man can use to urinate. This is a funnel. This watery substance (urine) is transferred from one place to another (toilet). Besides, it plays the role of masculinity.

How to use an STP Packer?

An STP pecker should be washed thoroughly before use. You wash it off with water or soap. You can then set-up it in underwear or a harness or place the pecker in the underwear. You can then wear the underwear or harness just like regular underwear.

Which is the best STP Packers in 2023?

As there are many STP packer companies in the market, it is very difficult to say which one will be the best. But in terms of quality and budget, Axolom is the best. Axolom offers good products at very low prices and is also very easy to use. It doesn’t cost much to use and their product quality is much better than other companies. Here is a list that you can buy as best STP PACKER 2023 or FTM Packing Gears:

Stand to Pee Prosthetics

  • Axolom Thinker

  • Axolom Handy

  • Axolom Knight

  • Axolom Zeus

  • Axolom Homerun

  • Axolom Hoodie

  • Axolom Squire

  • Axolom Astro

Best FTM Packers

  • Axolom Monseigneur

  • Axolom Fusion

  • Axolom Au Natural

  • Axolom Kangaro

  • Axolom Hose

  • Axolom Hob

  • Axolom Classic

  • Axolom King Size

Best Pack And Play Packers

  • Axolom Eros

  • Axolom Altas

  • Axolom Perseus

Those of you who are buying a new STP must check its reviews before purchasing. Various companies sell it at meager prices. We buy them on the spur of the moment. Which causes us to regret it later. That’s why I think when buying, definitely check it out before buying. Many review videos are available on YouTube. Check and buy from there.

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