Why does my Wi-Fi connection say ‘No Internet’?

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A study was conducted where 75% of the internet users claimed that they would feel more irritated and grumpier over having no Wi-Fi connection than they would over not having any coffee. Even 60% of them said that they cannot go a day without Wi-Fi. Apparently, 71% of our communication is over a wireless internet connection, which just goes to show how impactful it is in their daily lives. When the Wi-Fi connection goes down, internet users cannot check their emails, laptops become useless and communication over mobile data is activated which is a bit costly. Having a wireless connection is the preferred medium for most internet users in the US.

If your wireless connection stops working, and if it doesn’t work out after trying out fixes yourself, it is better to call your internet service provider. For instance, if you had an ISP like Xfinity, they would be sure to send a technician to your home or offices for any faulty error in your modem or router. If you are having trouble with a wireless connection and instead want to switch to physical cables to connect to the internet, you can look over their internet packages to choose the best one that fulfills your requirement. Xfinity internet prices are suitable for all budgetary needs, and each come with their own features and benefits.

What usually disrupts wireless connectivity?

Internet connection is sent over the wireless signals through radio waves. When you connect your devices to wireless signals, many things can interfere with signal transmission. Despite your wireless router having advanced features, it is inevitable. You can experience a disruption in your wireless internet connection when there is a disconnection, delays and data transfer, internet speed, and signal strength are all affected. This article will explain some of the factors that are causing a disturbance in your wireless connectivity.

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Physical barriers

The space around the wireless connection affects the transmission range and speed. Materials like wood and glass might have minimal effect, but concrete, brick, and metal prove to be a hindrance towards network speeds. Other than that, plaster or synthetic material has a low impact on wireless connectivity. Water, bricks, and marble are known to have a mild impact, whereas mirrors can have a strong interference on your wireless connection.

Frequency interference

Having adopted wireless technology, there are many other appliances in homes and offices that depend on radio waves to send and receive signals.

  • For instance, microwaves work by generating radio frequency so the closer the router is to the microwave, the more interference in your connection will you experience.
  • A cordless phone will also have a disruption towards your wireless connectivity during active call time.
  • Other wireless devices include speakers, baby monitors, garage door openers, etc.
  • Signals from your neighbors’ Wi-Fi can also overlap with the signals from your wireless connection, hence resulting in interference.

What can you do about it?

The position of your router matters a lot. Where you place it, your router will experience various objects that are interfering with its signals. Make sure it is not near any of the physical materials that are proved to be disrupting the signals. The antenna of the router should be vertical because that is usually the best position to send signals around its coverage. The router should also be on an elevated surface since the reception will be better there than on the floor.

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What if your Wi-Fi says ‘No internet’?

This message is usually received when there is no internet connection in your device, and you cannot access the internet either. There are some things you can do though.

  • If you have recently changed the wireless settings of your router, like password or security key, then it might not connect because you need the new password or security key to do so. Make sure you have the correct password/security key for user configuration.
  • The wireless adapter functions better when its drivers are updated. You will need to reach out to your hardware manufacturer for the specifications of your router. If other devices are able to connect to the router and receive a working internet connection, then the problem is not with the router.
  • Bug issues in your router also need to be constantly dealt with. For that, the router’s firmware needs to be updated as well.
  • The distance of the router from the connecting devices is also important. Make sure your device is within the range of the router and not too far.

If all else fails, after having tried some of the tips yourself, it is better to call your ISP or hardware manufacturer to look into the error, since they will be better able to repair whatever problem your router is facing.

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