You can now have an adorable fish pal in Subnautica who high-fives you

subnautica alien containment

Have you ever befriended a fish? I do not think so. They are generally not docile to humans, and also fair enough – we eat them. But the great thing about video games is that we can do things that would otherwise be impossible, and thanks to Unknown Worlds, we can now be friends with a “Cuddle Fish” in subnautica alien containment.

“The Cuddle Fish is a lovable companion creature,” the update says. “You can find hidden Cuddle Fish eggs all over the world. Those eggs can be hatched in an Alien Containment module, and they will eventually turn into a Cuddle Fish.”

So is the fish an alien? Apparently yes, but it doesn’t matter, because its strangeness is what gives it the ability to follow you everywhere and to stay in a specific place if you order it. There aren’t really any other benefits to having a hug fish, but there don’t need to be any other damn reasons to have a hug fish.

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