The 9 YouTube View Bots That Will Make Your Views Go Through the Roof

YouTube View Bots

Some of us truly enjoy being YouTube creators and rely on our video content as the main source of our income. But, as fun as making and uploading videos on this platform might be, the ultimate goal is having an audience large enough to watch them. View bots can really help with that.

How Do YouTube View Bots Work?

YouTube view bots are automated software solutions that add views, likes, and subscribes to a video. Once installed, these programs run in the background. They’re a cheaper alternative to paying people to watch your videos, and using them is relatively easy. That’s why content creators rely on bots to increase the views on their videos despite YouTube’s strict policies against this practice.

Bots can only get you so far, though. Raising your view count with bots will definitely help you get your videos in front of human users and grow a real audience, but only if you do it properly. A bot can’t work alone. If all your views come from the same IP address, you’ll get your channel banned before it takes off. Combining your bots with proxies from a popular residential proxies store is the only 100% foolproof way to raise your views without raising any red flags!

1.   YTPals

YTPals is among the most popular view bots platforms, offering both free and paid (premium) services to clients. While you could get about 10 subscribers every 12 hours on the free plan, the premium one guarantees up to 60 subscriptions daily. Also, you can choose between Enterprise, Elite, or Celebrity premium plans, which is a plus.

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2.   Jarvee

Jarvee is also a great YouTube views bot to try if you have quick success on your mind. Apart from increasing your view count, the software can also generate comments on your videos and like them simultaneously. Furthermore, its auto-follow feature is awesome for targeting the right audience for your content and encouraging people to subscribe to your channel.

3.   GoViral

Once you have engaging content to share on YouTube, you’ll need to find the people who’ll find it amusing. GoViral can help you with that! Not only does this view bot come with features like automatic likes, comments, and subscriptions, but it lets you get views from actual people. More than that, the program is super user-friendly.

4.   vidIQ

Some guidance and insight on how your channel is doing can’t hurt your rankings, which is exactly what the premise behind vidIQ is. With this affordable view bot, you won’t have to go through countless trials and errors before you can create fantastic content! Plus, you’ll get free keywords, descriptions, and even titles for your YT videos!

5.   ASB Youtube Bot

If you have multiple YT accounts that could benefit from more traffic, you should check out the ASB YouTube Bot. The program is perfect for increasing the number of viewers and subscribers, even when the videos come from different channels! ABS is also big on security, so no third party will have access to your information.


Search engine ranking can make or break your YT career. If you want to succeed as a video creator, you should consider installing the bot. This software has an SEO feature that will get you on the first page of Google, and it lets you earn coins in the meanwhile. It’s also great for generating likes and comments!

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7.   YTMonster

YTMonster’s customer community is super large! This is by no means a surprise – the program comes with excellent features such as real people’s views! On top of that, the customer support of the company behind the software is excellent! Whether you’re a rising YT star or a veteran in video creation, you’ll benefit from their real-time help service.

8.   Tube Buddy

The fuss of complicated setups and installations is easy to avoid with free browser extensions like the Tube Buddy. This view bot makes it easier for users to rely on the technology they need in a simple way! But Tube Buddy’s simpler design doesn’t mean it’s inefficient – the bot will definitely bring you closer to your SEO goals!

9.   Somiibo

No matter how useful YT views bots are, ultimately, the goal of every video maker is to boost organic traffic to their videos. The easy-to-use Somiibo bot is perfect for that! This free tool will help your YT channel become more popular by making sure that your followers watch, like, and subscribe to it.

Boost Your Stats With the Best YouTube Proxies!

Again, great bots won’t get you anywhere without great proxy servers. Buy a YouTube proxy from a trusted provider like IPRoyal to go along with your bots and grow your channel without risking bans or blocks!

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