4 Inch Diesel Water Pump

4 Inch Diesel Water Pump

A self-priming diesel engine self-priming water pump is easy to move and maintain and is made of strong, brown carton. Despite the large flow, this pump is lightweight and portable, making it a good choice for field work. The main uses of this pump are flood control, disaster relief, agricultural production irrigation, household, municipal engineering, and public institutions. There are several other uses for the 4 Inch Diesel Water Pump.

THORNADO 4 Inch Diesel Water Pump

The Thornado 4 inch TH-DWP40 high-flow diesel water pump delivers an impressive 86,000 litres per hour. It also boasts a 24 m total head, which means it can draw water from up to 8 metres. The pump features a cast-iron impeller, a ceramic carbon mechanical seal, and a heavy-duty steel frame. Its high-efficiency design provides a longer life span and lower maintenance costs than comparable pumps.

THORNADO has launched a new range of fire fighting pumps. The THORNADO 2 inch fire fighting pump is designed to provide high-pressure water for all pumping jobs, whether in fire fighting, heavy-duty cleaning, or just everyday water relocation. The lightweight design is a key advantage of this pump, as it is easy to transport from job site to job site. A 7.5HP petrol engine powers this pump, which can run for 2.6 hours at 3/4 load capacity.

The petrol version of the THORNADO 4 inch TH-DWP40 high-flow diesel water pump offers an impressive 86,000 litres per hour of water displacement. It features a total head of 24 metres and an 8-metre lift capacity. A cast iron impeller and ceramic carbon mechanical seal make this pump the ideal option for any application. It also has a heavy-duty steel frame and is easy to maintain.

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The THORNADO 4 inch diesel water pump is powered by a 10 HP air-cooled diesel engine. It has a self-prime feature and electric start, and it delivers strong power without excessive noise. The quality and range of water pumps from Thornado is well-known, and there’s no reason to go anywhere else. You’ll never regret purchasing one of these pumps! They’ll provide you with years of hassle-free service for a reasonable price.

ESI 6-inch diesel water pump

The ESI 6-inch diesel water pump is a powerful, high-performance pump. This unit’s design combines a lightweight diesel engine with a high-pressure hose to produce up to 2600 gallons per minute. This pump provides 140 feet of vertical lift. It is also powered by a Kubota turbocharged diesel engine for maximum shaft power. For maximum performance, you can buy an ESI 6-inch diesel water pump from alibaba.

Yanmar 4-inch diesel water pump

If you’re in need of a new water pump, a Yanmar 4-inch diesel water pump is an excellent choice. Using a diesel engine for this pump allows you to save money on fuel costs and minimize the amount of maintenance required. This type of pump is built with a high-quality cast iron construction and tough silicon-carbon mechanical seal. Its compact size and corrosion-resistant cast iron impellers make it ideal for mining and exploration applications.

4 Inch Diesel Water Pump

The high quality of the Yanmar 4-inch diesel water pump sets ensures that they will provide years of dependable service. Available in three models – water transfer, semi-trash, and full trash – each pump is powered by a proven YANMAR diesel air-cooled engine. The pumps feature electric start, manual recoil, and a two-year warranty. You can also select a Yanmar water pump with a Kohler electric start to reduce fuel costs.


A Yanmar 4 inch diesel water pump is an excellent way to supply water to your boat. This high-quality water pump runs on a diesel engine and provides over 380 gpm, or 1438 lpm. It also has a high-pressure rating of 100 psi or 6.9 bar. The pump itself comes with a protective frame and folding handles for easy transportation. The engine and pump are mounted on a heavy-duty frame for added safety.

Whether you need a self-priming trash pump or a water transfer pump, a Yanmar water transfer pump is a reliable, high-performance option. These high-pressure pumps feature cast iron impellers and a unique, one-tool serviceability design. They are also equipped with a suction strainer and feature heavy-duty cast iron flanges and a male NPT thread.

4 Inch Diesel Water Pump


The Crommelins 4 inch diesel water pumps feature a Yanmar engine that’s capable of delivering a powerful 1,800 litres per hour of water. The pump is available with an electric start, AGM battery, and recoil start backup. Its compact design and corrosion-resistant cast iron impellers make it an excellent choice for mining and exploration applications. You can choose from a wide range of models to suit your needs.

The Crommelins Robin water pump has a diameter of 1.5 inches and comes with a Trolley Frame for easy transportation. Its powerful 6.0-hp engine produces 360 litres of water per minute and has a 60-meter maximum head. The pump is self-priming and has a two-year warranty. In addition, Crommelins offers a nationwide service network to support its products.

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