7 Tips To Save Money At T&T Supermarket


There is no doubt that grocery shopping is getting more and more expensive. And, when it comes to shopping for groceries in a superstore, you always end up spending more. But there is good news. You can boost your savings by shopping at T&T supermarket and using T&T weekly flyers. How?

Here, we have outlined seven smart tips to help you cut the grocery costs the next time you shop at T&T.

Limit Your Shopping Trips

If possible, avoid visiting the store again and again, and limit your shopping trips. Make a list of the grocery items you need for the week and buy when the T&T supermarket flyer in Canada goes live. Don’t add additional groceries to your list if you already have plenty of items in your pantry.

List Everything Out

Making a list may not be your favorite thing to do, but it is quite useful. You can maintain a notepad and prepare an inventory of all the things that are about to finish. Take this list with you while shopping and stick to it. You can also divide the list into perishables and non-perishables.

Consider visiting the store when you have a lot of energy, and your stomach is full. If you shop with an empty stomach, you will likely buy costly, easy-to-cook options.

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Pick The Tasting Samples

If you love experimenting with different foods, buy the smallest packaging first. It will help you figure out whether you like it or not, or whether you can include it in your daily diet.

For example, unprocessed cheese. You might be enticed to buy this exotic variety, but it doesn’t last for more than two or three days. It will help you save you from spending too much money on one thing.

Plan Your Meals

Planning your meals will let you buy exactly what you need and keep you from spending on food items you won’t eat. So, plan your meals and create your grocery list accordingly. It will save you big bucks.

Buy The Items On Sale

T&T Supermarket in Canada often run promotions that can help you save on staples, like milk, eggs, or other food items, like cookies, sweets, etc. Go through the store’s flyers and buy things on sale whenever possible.

You will save a considerable amount, especially when the cost is high. Mostly, sale items are displayed in specific locations, such as at the end of the aisles or entrance. So, don’t forget to check these places.

Buy In Bulk

Stock up the items when they go on sale. However, make sure to check what you already have and pay attention to the best before or expiration dates so that you don’t waste food and hard-earned money. Buy things that you know you will use before they get unfit for consumption.

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Resist your urge to buy the pre-packaged items. While it sounds great to buy pre-shredded cheese or pre-cut vegetables to save money, the stores charge extra for the convenience these food items offer. Instead, opt for whole food items, like block cheese, frozen vegetables, etc.

Buy Things Based On Value

Consider shopping at the grocery stores near you and compare the prices. This way, you will get to know which store offers the item you need for less. Match the prices and look at the sales they run. If T&T offers a better value on certain items and another store offers some other items at a lower price, you can shop at both the stores to optimize your savings.

Furthermore, buying large packages of food is cheaper. So, try to compare the price of a smaller portion with the bulkier one. For this, divide the total price of the item by its quantity. See what provides you with the better buy, and make a smart decision.

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