A Simple Cost Estimation Guide for Restoration of Living Space

A Simple Cost Estimation Guide for Restoration of Living Space

The living room is one of the most crucial areas of any house. It is where your guests sit, spend time with your family, watch movies, and host parties. It is also one of the busiest rooms in the house. The living space also has the most foot traffic compared to the other rooms. Due to a lot of usage of this room, it is necessary to renovate the area after a specific time. Know that living room restoration is crucial to keep it functional. Restoring your living space will require upgrading the design, changing the layout, installing ceiling tiles 600×600, and some DIY steps. Restoration can help you make your living space more functional.

How much cost do you need for the restoration of your living space?  

No lies that restoration is a costly process. It is better to create a budget before taking on this big project. Know that having a well-estimated budget will decrease the chances of confusion and hurdles in the future. You must include every little aspect when making the budget for your living room restoration process. You will need to consider all details to create the perfect cost estimation plan, from painting the walls to purchasing new equipment. Many people also hire an interior designer for cost estimation, but you can do it yourself. Below we have mentioned a cost estimation guide for the restoration of living space. The guide below is for a 250 square feet living room.

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Walls and floor painting:  

The first step for cost estimation is including the cost of painting the walls and flooring of your living room. Painting is one of the cheapest ways to restore your living room. Know that painting your walls and floor will cost you approximately $1500.

Ceiling restoration:  

Next, you need to estimate the cost of restoring the ceiling. There are many options for refurbishment of your living room ceiling. Know that every product will cost you a different amount of money. If you want to repair your room ceiling, it will cost you around $300-$850. The amount of installation of popcorn ceiling makeover is nearly $1000.

Door and window restoration:  

Doors and windows are necessary parts of your refurbishment. The approximate cost of different windows and doors renovations is as follows:


Curtains: $100-$500

Screens: $100-$200

Blinds: $400-$900


Barn: $450-$750

French: $1000-$4000

Sliding: $2000-$4000

Expansion cost:  

Many people also want to expand their living rooms in the restoration process. Know that huge space will make your living space more functional. You will have to remove one of the walls to enlarge your living room. The expansion process of the living room will cost you around $1300-$2000.

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Labor cost:  

Most people often forget to include the labor cost in the renovation process. Know that 40-50% of your renovation cost will be labor costs. You will need several laborers for your refurbishment, such as a carpenter, painter, electrician, window installer, flooring installer, and general contractor. Make sure you include the cost of all the labor. Generally, the labor cost for restoring a 250 square feet living room will be from $3200 to $4000.

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