BCCI Net Worth, Income And Revenue

BCCI net worth

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is the governing body for cricket in India. It is a private entity responsible for organizing and governing cricketing activities, tournaments, and events within the country. Founded in 1928, the BCCI’s primary goal is to promote and develop the sport of cricket in India.

Aspect Details
Name Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI)
Founded 1928
Responsibilities Organizing cricket events, team selection, infrastructure, financial management, player welfare, cricket governance
Financial Sources Broadcasting rights, sponsorships, ticket sales, merchandising, licensing
Net Worth $2.25 billion, influenced by financial deals and cricket events
Income Sources Broadcasting rights, sponsorships, ticket sales, merchandising, licensing
Revenue Streams IPL broadcasting, sponsorships, ticket sales, merchandise, licensing

Functions and Responsibilities of BCCI:

Organizing Cricket Events:

BCCI is responsible for organizing various domestic and international cricket tournaments in India. This includes the Indian Premier League (IPL), Ranji Trophy, Duleep Trophy, and various other domestic leagues and age-group tournaments.

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Team Selection:

BCCI is responsible for selecting the Indian cricket team for international matches. It oversees the selection process, appoints the national team’s captain and coaches, and manages player contracts.

Development of Cricket Infrastructure:

BCCI plays a pivotal role in developing and maintaining cricket infrastructure across the country. This includes building and upgrading stadiums, training facilities, and cricket academies.

Financial Management:

BCCI manages the financial aspects of Indian cricket, including negotiating broadcasting rights, sponsorships, and other commercial deals. It generates a significant portion of its revenue through these sources.

Player Welfare:

BCCI is involved in matters related to the well-being of players, including contract negotiations, player benefits, and support for retired cricketers.

Cricket Governance:

BCCI is responsible for formulating and implementing rules and regulations for cricket in India. It ensures that the game is played in adherence to international standards and ethical practices.

Financial Details:

BCCI is one of the wealthiest cricket boards globally due to the immense popularity of cricket in India. The Indian Premier League (IPL) has significantly enriched the BCCI’s value, largely due to its global viewership. Brands earnestly endeavor to establish partnerships with both the BCCI and the ten competing franchises, further contributing to this value.

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Net Worth:

BCCI’s net worth is primarily derived from broadcasting rights, sponsorships, and other commercial deals associated with cricket events. It also earns revenue from ticket sales and merchandise. In the year 2023, the BCCI boasts a reported net worth of $2.25 billion, establishing itself as the wealthiest cricket board globally.

Income and Revenue:

BCCI’s income primarily comes from various sources, including:

Broadcasting Rights:

BCCI sells broadcasting rights to TV networks and digital platforms for its tournaments. The Indian Premier League (IPL) broadcasting rights, in particular, contribute a substantial portion of BCCI’s revenue.


BCCI secures sponsorship deals from various companies looking to associate their brands with Indian cricket. These include jersey sponsorships, title sponsorships for tournaments, and more.

Ticket Sales:

Revenue is generated from the sale of tickets for matches, especially during popular tournaments like the IPL and international matches.


BCCI earns revenue through the sale of official team merchandise, such as jerseys, caps, and other cricket-related products.

Licensing and Royalties:

BCCI also generates income through licensing its intellectual property, including team logos, player images, and other cricket-related content.

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