Benefits Of CBD Oil Pet Products: Hard Facts Or Biased Opinions?


We only want what’s best for our pets, that much is true. No matter what alternative medicine it may be, we tend to consider and try as pet owners. Especially if we’re talking about a sickness that may potentially take away our furry buddies forever. 67% of US citizens own a pet according to this report, and that is about 85 million families. It is safe to say many of us have had the experience of owning a pet, its circumstances, and benefits as a while.

CBD has been a rising topic in many households when it comes to health. It has a lot of helpful properties that assisted many humans and animals alike. Because of this reason, many hearsays claimed CBD to be effective, even more so than traditional treatment. But are their testimonies unfound? Let’s try to explore if CBD oil for pets can be fact or will remain just another consumer opinion.

What Is CBD?

Cannabidiol is the official name of CBD, and it is a compound found in the hemp plant. This species is under the genus Cannabis Sativa, along with marijuana, but marijuana and hemp are different in one single aspect, and that is THC-content.

THC, or Tetrahydrocannabinol, is also a compound like cannabidiol, but instead of just delivering benefits like the latter, THC induces psychoactive effects to the human body which shied away from many potential users. This compound is the reason why marijuana is considered a schedule 1 drug, and thus unregulated almost across all the 50 states.

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Other than being unlawful with its usage, THC has another reason why many find a certain aversion to it. This compound can induce many adverse effects on animals, ranging from moderate to severe. Treats, edibles, and hemp oil are made sure to have not a single percentage of THC fear of these unwanted results. This is why many companies state their CBD products meant for animals are 100% THC-free.

The signs can be dilated pupils, restlessness, aggression, making loud sounds, seizures, coma, and ultimately death. Because of this knowledge, many pet owners have become wary of labels and 3rd party lab results, and for good reason. Only reputable and licensed companies are allowed to distribute these products.

  • For Anxiety

Cannabidiol-derived products are often effective for anxious pets because of their calming effects. This phytocannabinoid infused in oils work with the Endocannabinoid System, where they interact with the receptors in the brain. This results in the blocking of messages that induce more anxiety, which activates during a stressful moment and delivered to the amygdala, the emotional brain. As for hormones, serotonin is the key player, as it is in charge of regulating overall aura and mood.

Your pet, upon ingesting this, may feel sleepy and even sleep for longer periods. Don’t worry, as this is the response of the brain after being in an emotionally draining condition for a long time.

  • For Pain

cbd oil

The most popular use of cannabidiol is for pain. Most pet owners use these products for relief their pet suffers from, may it be osteoarthritis, IBS, immune system pains, and even wounds. A study found here: about the relief of osteoarthritic pain in dogs says CBD products have delivered a significant amount of relief from pain. It also does not pose a threat to the otherwise newfound benefit. Not only is it safe, but it is also used for healthy animals for their overall immune health.

  • For Finicky Eaters

Cannabidiol is a popular appetite-stimulating treatment for pets of such nature (like cats). It may be used for diminished appetite caused by a medical condition, or a sudden, inexplicable phase of anorexia for them. Either way, Cannabidiol helps them in the same way.

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Just like in pain, cannabidiol travels to the nervous system and meets with the receptors there. This in turn will make said receptors send a message to the hypothalamus, the center for temperature regulation as well as the hunger and thirst control center. The hypothalamus will increase appetite and hunger, which in turn will make your pet eat more.

Facts Or Opinions?

As cannabidiol is still unfounded in terms of more scientific research to anchor it, we cannot label its benefits as “opinion” or “fact” just yet. The trend of using cannabidiol took off ahead of its scientific breakthroughs, and this added to the slow movement of studies and researchers. Only time will tell, but for now, as more positive testimonies weigh heavier than negative ones, it’s worth a try.

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