Best Areas to buy cheap 3-bedroom Villas in Dubai

bedroom Villas in Dubai

Dubai has always been a great opportunity for investors because people have various options for buying and renting properties in Dubai. Whether you want a studio apartment, a two, three, or four-bedroom villa or apartment then Dubai has everything that you are looking for. 

Everybody is aware of the continuous increase of prices of all products and properties but still Dubai has abundant reasonable options for people who are trying to broaden their property portfolios. Many famous neighborhoods in Dubai offer luxurious 3-bedroom villas in affordable price ranges that are AED 2.5M.

We will provide you with all the information that you need regarding the best options for three-bedroom villas in Dubai.

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Areas to Buy Three Bedrooms Villas in Dubai

Everybody wants to either buy or rent a property in Dubai because of the world-known elegance and beautifully designed architecture of the city. If you are planning to buy a three bedrooms villa in Dubai then this page got you covered as you will get familiar with some best and most reasonable choices for buying a three bedrooms villa.

All the areas that are mentioned on this page are very appealing to investors because of the amenities that are being offered by residential areas. The areas are huge and provide you with many family-friendly communities. The villas are cheap and family-friendly, which has increased the appeal of these residential areas.

1. DAMAC Hills 2

DAMAC properties is a renowned real estate developer in Dubai, DAMAC Hills 2 is a project of DAMAC properties. Considering the top priority of people as everybody wants to go away from the hustle and bustle of big cities, DAMAC hills 2 is situated far away from the chaotic city.

DAMAC hills 2 offers a variety of villas that are spread across various communities including Amazonia, Juniper, and Clarity. Irrespective of location, all these villas come with many amenities like big playgrounds, indoor or outdoor swimming pools, etc.

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Akoya Oxygen is the most reasonable option for you if you want a cheap villa comprising three rooms and providing you with all the basic amenities. As a 3 bedroom villa in DAMAC Hills 2 will cost you around 1.1M.

2. Reem

Situated near Town Square, the second most popular area that must be considered if you are interested in buying a 3-bedroom villa, is Reem. The community is family-friendly because the area is not suffocating and provides the residents with a green and clean environment. Sometimes the communities are family-friendly but they are not children-friendly as they will have educational institutions and medical centers but they will not have parks and fun places for children. Reem has taken care of that by being the first community to have a park.

The concept of a park being part of any community started from the Reem community as the central park is housed by Reem. This park also explains that Reem is a family-friendly community as the park is often used by families for various fun activities. Besides these amenities, Reem provides its residents with parking spaces, beautiful backyards, etc. A cozy three-bedroom villa in Reem will cost you around AED 2M.

3. Dubailand

Dubai Properties, which is developed by the renowned property builders ‘Dubailand’, is an area famous for theme parks and IMG Worlds of Adventure. This area is known for its villas if you are interested in buying cheap 3-bedroom villas which can offer you a lavish lifestyle.

The area is so big that it seems like a city exists within a city. This spacious and neat residential area provides you with many options for entertainment as it has parks and community centers.

Just like Reem, a 3 bedroom villa in Dubailand will cost you around AED 2M

4. Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC)

The area has new properties in abundance making it very attractive for investors. Despite the properties being new, they are still very affordable. The community is family-friendly, it has schools and various centers where you can organize events for your friends and family.

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JVC promises you a lavish lifestyle while taking care of your everyday needs. As you can find gyms and grocery stores within the vicinity. You can buy luxurious 3 bedrooms villas in JVC for AED 2M.

5. DAMAC Hills

The average price of a three bedrooms villa in DAMAC Hills is AED 2.2M. When one notices the luxuries that are offered at AED 2.2M then the villas do not seem overly priced. The residential area is spread across 42 million square feet and you can get access to Al Qudra Road.  It has a spa, leisure, and sports facilities for its residents. You can also expect a rental yield of around about 6.87% from these villas.

Other Areas for Buying 3-Bedrooms Villas

Although the areas mentioned above are mostly preferred by investors and general people to buy 3-bedroom villas in Dubai but some other areas are also liked by investors. Such as Mudon, Serena, and Town Square.

Dubai has many good areas if you are looking for living alone such as studio apartments or two bedrooms apartments but when you have a family, you need a home and a family-friendly community. The well-known communities that are family-friendly include Arabian Ranches, Umm Suqeim, Mudon, and many more.

These communities make sure that your kids are provided with quality education by giving them access to schools and universities. You do not have to drive for miles to get to the grocery store as all these communities have markets. They have the best healthcare centers to provide you with medical assistance. Families need all these amenities and the communities mentioned above promise you such a lifestyle where you will not get only these luxuries but will also be entertained.

If you are looking for cheap options to rent 3 bedrooms villas in Dubai then you can rent a villa for just AED 110K. Just narrow down the options that satisfy the demand of your budget and invest in the options mentioned above, you will not regret your decision.   

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