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Brake Chamber

If you want to buy a new air brake chamber, then you will need to read this article. This article will introduce the various types of air brake chambers and their sizes. You can also find more information on the Ontario Highway Traffic Act. In addition, you can read the Ontario Highway Traffic Act for details on the types of brake chambers used for commercial vehicles.

Types of air brake chambers

If you are in the market for air brake chambers, you should check the specifications of the products you are considering. For example, a Type 6 brake chamber should be the same as a Type 5 brake chamber. Another way to determine the type of brake chamber is to check its connection port. If the connection port is round, it indicates that it is a regular stroke air brake chamber, while a square-shaped one indicates a long-stroke air brake chamber.

Air brake chambers come in two main types, service and spring brake chambers. The spring brake section consists of a large coil spring placed inside the chamber. The spring brake section is usually located near the pushrod end and functions like two separate chambers. When the spring brake section is out of adjustment, the brakes may not apply and hold the vehicle, or they may not hold the vehicle. Depending on the type of brake chamber price, the pressure in the system should be at least 414 kPa (60 psi).

Sizes of air brake chambers

There are several types of air brake chambers available. Type 6 chambers are the most common, and they are commonly used on trucks and buses. Whether you’re buying a new brake system or replacing your current one, you need to make sure that you have the correct size and type of air brake chamber. To make sure that your new unit is compatible with your current system, you should first measure the diameter of the clamp. Then, take measurements of the bolt holes and the distance between the center holes.

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The air brake chamber is the most common type and comes with maximum available strokes of 2 1/2 inches or 3 inches for long stroke versions. The latter is better for improved stopping performance and braking efficiency, as it reduces out-of-adjustment citations. Both types of brake chambers have adjustable strokes and are easy to select based on a manufacturer’s recommendations. To calculate the required stroke, measure the free-stroke, which gets longer as the brake goes out of adjustment.

Brake Chamber


A single brake chamber consists of a round metal plate sandwiched between two concave metal halves and a rubber diaphragm. The chamber is held together by a clamp and is connected to a pushrod that extends through a hole at one end. The pushrod is attached to a pushrod that is threaded. A ten-pound force applied to the brake caliper will cause the diaphragm to compress, and that force will apply pressure to the brake caliper.

When a vehicle is stopped, the brake system applies air pressure to the brake chamber. This air pressure is applied to the push plate and diaphragm through a return spring. When air pressure builds, the push rod extends and the brake shoe friction plate is deformed, resulting in the braking action. Once air pressure is released, the brake chamber returns to its seated position. The brake drum is the final component.

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There are two types of brake chambers: spring and non-spring. Both spring and non-spring brakes have two sections. The first is a spring-operated brake service chamber. These chambers are made of the same materials as their non-spring counterparts and serve the same functions. However, the spring brake service chamber features a release bolt located on the outer side of the spring chamber housing. This release bolt releases the brakes and allows the air to return to the reservoir tanks.


An inspection of the brake chamber is an important part of maintaining your truck’s braking system. Modern spring brake chambers are extremely durable and can last for years, providing excellent stopping power for Class 8 trucks.

Brake Chamber

If you’re inspecting air brakes, make sure you’re doing this while the brakes are cold. The temperature of the brake drum may affect the size of the brake chamber. Look for size markings on the body and clamp to determine whether the chamber is leaking air. For air brakes, you can use a specially designed caliper to measure the air line’s length.

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