Double-sided vs. single-sided deadbolts: A Los Angeles locksmith explains the difference

Deadbolts door locks

When a person creates a complete residential or commercial security plan, many owners focus on electronic security like CCTV systems and alarm systems. These security features are helpful, but sometimes these plans fail to address the mechanical side of home/office security. We see locks as the “first line” of any right residential or commercial security plan. After all, high-quality locks enhance the security of significant entry points to a place.

In this article, we differentiate between double-sided and single-sided deadbolt door locks which can help you choose the right one. Now let’s start by looking at the difference between the waves you can install in your office/home.

What is the difference between double-sided and single-sided deadbolts?

A Deadbolts door locks is one of the best locks to have on your home or business. It offers the best protection against a burglary or break-in. Locking bolts are enthused by revolving a handle or wrench without using a coil. Deadbolts feature an exceptional locking device that refuse to accept corporal attack, blows and annoyance. They cannot be opened with a blade or hand tool. Deadbolt door locks come in three types: single, double and C. Looking at the models below, you will notice nothing can be ripped off or forced.

Differentiating between a single and a double deadbolt is a simple task. Let’s start.

  1. Operation

Double-sided, the locking key is operated both inside and outside. In other words, if someone enters through a window, they cannot exit through the front door with your TV.

Single-sided, the key operates the outer side. In other words, they have a button, which is used to unlock and lock the door from the inside.

However, a single-sided deadbolt is ideal because locking and unlocking your deadbolt is controlled with a simple turn of the thumb. You will no longer have to worry about locating your keys every time you want to use your lock.

  1. High Security

Double-sided deadbolts are designed to provide a high level of security. It makes the doors that have them more difficult for intruders to choose or unlock. Double-sided deadbolts are the safest choice for businesses and homeowners. While many owners opt for one-sided deadbolt locks, but the security level is not as high as two-way deadbolts.

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If there is a windowpane, thieves can arrive at their arm from the door by smashing a window and reaching for the knob to turn it, unlocking the door. Thus, burglars can quickly enter when a door with a single-sided deadbolt is near a window. Double deadbolts necessitate keys to open from the outside or inside.

  1. Ideal for All Doors

It is important to note that the emergency exit must be easy to access and should be opened without a key. Therefore, two-way deadbolts are not ideal for emergency exits. Even when the door is well-thought-out or designed for emergency use only, the double deadbolt should not be installed on it.

Single-sided doors are ideal for every business and home place as they are easily opened in an emergency act. Moreover, they are not restricted in states as double-sided doors are.

  1. Cost-effective

Double-sided locks are expensive to purchase and install. Since two locks must be installed, you can expect to pay up to twice as much for the installation. The additional security may well be worth the extra costs in some cases.

Single-sided locks are cheaper to install. They are also much more convenient for the owner to use from the inside. In an emergency, it will be easy for those inside to exit the building. All they have to do is turn the lever and open the door to leave.

  1. Easy Access

The single lock installation allows the owner to use the key only when entering or leaving the house. There is a keyway only in the external knob. Simultaneously, the inside functions with a doorknob, which will turn or be pressed to lock and unlock the door. If you are making the double-sided lock change, you will also use the interior knob key.

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Having a double-sided bolt installed on the front door will block you in an emergency, like a fire. If you don’t know where you put the keys and need to get out quickly, you will be in trouble. It is the main reason why double-sided locks are generally prohibited.

However, they will be excellent for side door locks, sliding glass doors, and windows. Installing single locks in such entryways could compromise the security of the home. Someone could break the glass and press the interior button to unlock the entrance. Double cylinder locks require a key.


There are plenty of door locks and each lock has an equal number of features and functionality to consider. So which Deadbolts door locks is the best? Unfortunately, there is no clear answer. As it stands, the decision rests entirely on your needs as the owner. If you live in an area that sees a lot of crime like theft or break and enters, a double-sided lock might be the best deal. If you live in a peaceful place, single-sided safety can be the best choice.

However, if you are still not sure which type of Deadbolts door locks is right for you; you can get in touch with contact a professional Los Angeles locksmith. A locksmith can help you decide which safety is best for your doors. They may be able to offer suggestions over the phone. Other times, they may come to your home for an assessment.

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