Habits that are causing your joints to hurt

your joints to hurt

It hurts when you move. Your joints creak. You feel a thousand years old. Even though you otherwise take care of yourself, you cannot realize what went wrong with your joints.

The pain is all consuming but despite not sustaining any injuries, you wonder why your joints are hurting.

Well, that’s because we partake in different things all throughout our lives that are harming the health of the joints, meriting treatment from the Best orthopedic doctor in Lahore.

Some of the habits that might be responsible for your joint pain include:

Being sedentary

People who move around a lot like they have a bundle of energy to dispense might irritate you, but that’s exactly what you should be doing as well.

When you remain sedentary, and in one position for long periods of time, you can cause damage to your joint, as it can impair blood flow and strain certain muscles.

So, make sure that you are not still for long periods of time. Try to stretch after every 10 to 20 minutes or so.

Gaining weight

If you are not careful about the calories you consume, gorging on high-calorie and low-nutrition food without being physically active, you then have a high risk for weight gain.

Too much weight can then strain your joints, especially those of the legs; naturally, they have to carry your weight and move you. Hence, it is important that you maintain a healthy weight.

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This, however, does not mean that you drastically lose weight, as that is also bad for your health in general and bones in particular, but take sustainable steps. Make your lifestyle a healthy one.

Repetitive action

Have you realized how many things you do throughout the day that involve repetitive action? For example, the typing that you do all day. The texting that you cannot stop for a moment. Perhaps the tennis that you play daily.

Well, all such repetitive motion is not all great for your joints. Therefore, try to go easy on your joints. Take a break between such motions. If your joint is feeling sore, then you should especially take things easy.

Also, try to use alternatives in the long term as well. For example, instead of texting all the time, you can call some of your friends. There are many software as well that offer speech-to-text conversion, so that you don’t have to type constantly.


Smoking may have become a necessity for you, but it’s a liability for your body, as it causes damage all around, including your joints. Hence, take steps to quit it.

Using a heavy bag

This problem is especially the case with the school or university going students; the bags are simply too heavy, and then they bog down the shoulder(s). This not only affects the posture, but also stresses the muscles, nerves, and the joint of your shoulder.

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A bag pack may be better, but if that too is heavy, then you must work on lowering the load that you carry. If your shoulders feel sore after lugging around your bag, then you must take steps to reduce the stress to your shoulder.

You can try the wheelie bags instead to carry the heavier books or things, if lowering the load is not an option.

Not doing exercises

Doing strength training exercises are important to keep your joints and bones healthy. Going without them can cause damage to your joints, as it means that your bones are weaker then.

Strength training is especially good for the joints because it helps in making the muscles stronger, so those around the joints also become more powerful, taking the pressure off your joints.

However, if you are already suffering from joint or bone problems, you should first consult your Orthopedic Surgeon in rawalpindi. Once they approve of the regimen, go forth with building yourself stronger muscles and joints.

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