Homemade, Natural Remedies To Clean Your contact lenses

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The use of contact lenses is so common nowadays that we often forget to take proper care of them and end up using numerous medical devices given by the Food and Drug Administration.

That shows that their use should be looked after by a doctor and carried out with extreme care. This holds true for contacts worn for cosmetic purposes as well as for the correction of vision.

We are only blessed with two eyes and to see the world with these two is a priceless blessing. In order to select the right solution for cleaning and storing contact lenses as a component of proper care is a basic thing.

The solution that we use for the care of our contact lenses will have long term effects on the overall health of our eyes. It will add up to the comfort and durability of the lenses.

Your contact lenses need to be protected by a clean solution. Your contacts are prone to damage if your eye proteins build-up on them. Proper lens care should be practiced, otherwise, it will lead to serious infections.

With all the hazardous chemicals and preservatives, the contact solution is manufactured commercially which safely removes the protein build-up from your contacts.

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Varying ingredients are used in different types and brands. Some of the basic ingredients are detergents, boric acid, and some other things that keep the lenses disinfected and moisturized.

Many different types of contact solutions are available in the market. For example, some are specially designed for sensitive eyes. The rest is free of preservatives and certain chemicals. All the rinsing, cleaning, and disinfecting can be tackled by using a multipurpose solution. The need for a saline solution will be eliminated by that.

Here are some basic homemade natural remedies to clean your contact lenses:

Simple Saline Solution

You will see a huge range of cleaning solutions available in the market, whenever you visit any discount store or a local grocery store. These solutions have chemicals that can be strong on the lenses though they are effective but can lead to possible irritations of the eye.

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The normal tap water contains very high levels of bacteria and minerals, so the use of distilled water is a wise option. However, the use of distilled water alone is not sufficient for removing bacteria, dust, and dirt, so use this below-mentioned recipe to create a simple saline solution:

  • ½ a cup of distilled water
  • ½ a teaspoon of traditional table salt

Ensure the salt completely mixes into the water while using a clean spoon for the mixing. This simple saline solution will be added into the compartments of your contact lens storage container in a small amount. Soak your pair of contact lenses each night in it.

Make sure to prepare a fresh saline solution daily. Distilled water and salt are the basic ingredients that you need to prepare. Sodium chloride is the best type of salt you need to prepare this solution but, if you don’t have that then you can also use normal cooking salt.

Hydrogen Peroxide Solution

While serving many purposes, hydrogen peroxide is a very common ingredient in the majority of households. There are many multiple uses for hydrogen peroxide as it can be used to sanitize a wound or scrape or clean difficult stains.

It serves another important aspect and that is to sanitize and clean your contact lenses.

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Before getting started wash your hands with lukewarm water and liquid hand soap. Moreover, dry your hands with a clean towel.

To the compartment of the contact’s storage container, add a small amount of hydrogen peroxide. Make sure to cover with a lid and place your contact lens into the compartment. Leave them overnight while allowing them to soak in the hydrogen peroxide.

Before removing the contacts from the container, make sure to wash and dry your hands after you wake up. Before placing them back again rinse with your saline solution.

Gas-Permeable Contact Cleaning Solution

While reducing the need for water, gas permeable contact lenses are a long-lasting, plastic option that transfers oxygen. They reduce the risk of irritation, bacteria, and eye infections and makes them easier to apply to the eye.

Cleaning them is extremely important though they are easy to maintain. Consider the following steps to clean your gas permeable contact lenses naturally:

  • 1 cup distilled water
  • ¼ teaspoon of washing soda
  • 3 drops of distilled white vinegar

Start heating the pot and add the distilled water and washing soda. After a few minutes remove the pot from the heat. Stir continuously and add vegetable glycerin.

Store at room temperature for 8 hours and pour the liquid into a lidded glass jar. After this, stir while adding the drops of white vinegar.

When you want your gas-permeable contacts to be cleaned, pour a little amount of the solution into the lens case. Allow them to soak overnight while adding the contacts.

Taking care of your lenses and making sure that they are properly cleaned is the first and foremost task. You can minimize the risk of eye infections and irritations if you use these organic, homemade solutions to clean your contacts.

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