How Much Money Can A Freelance Proofreader Earn?


Many of us are ardent bibliophiles. We love reading. We have grown up with books and have always taken pride when we refer to a chapter or quote a line.

But have any of us ever thought that our hobby could one day let us earn good money?

Reading is one of the best habits one can develop. Thanks to the internet, it is now effortless to earn by reading. Being a freelance proofreader certainly is a demanding job, but it is well paying too.

If a person can invest some time and energy into establishing themselves as proofreaders, the opportunities are endless and usually well-paying.

Today, let us look at how much money a freelance proofreader can make, the criteria of becoming a profitable freelance writer, and what determines their worth.

How Much Money Can a Freelance Proofreader Make?

Freelance Proofreaders are essentially professionals who check your script’s correctness in grammar, readability, how interesting it is, and spellings primarily.

They exchange their services for money. Usually, a freelance proofreader can make from 20$ to 45$ per hour. This is a general rate.

If you are fortunate, you can land an even higher-paying opportunity. But this is essentially dependent on what makes you a freelance proofreader, and how much you are worth investing upon.

What Makes a Good Freelance Proofreader?

There are a few significant factors that contribute towards you being a good freelance proofreader. They are:

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Expertise in a language: One must be proficient in their language, be it grammar, or spellings, or their knowledge in flowery language. If they are judging and reading to check for errors, they must be skilled enough to make that judgment.

You can even make use of Grammarly Premium grammar assistant to proofread your work. Using a digital proofreading system can save your time as well.

However, the cost of this tool is expensive but Grammarly is worth it. I use this tool to find out errors in my blog posts, social media comments, emails, and while chatting with friends on Whatsapp.

If you’re interested in upgrading to the premium subscription, I will suggest you wait for Grammarly Black Friday offers. You can get it at $9 per month offer instead of paying $29.95 every month.

Punctuality: One must be able to meet up their deadlines and keep their professionalism intact. This ensures that your employer trusts you and, therefore, your judgment.

Familiarity with Word Documents: Usually, the texts sent over are in word documents, so one must know how to use the software. This way, they will prevent the unnecessary havoc of misplaced books or deleted files.

If these few things are kept in mind and taught, being a proofreader would not be hard. Furthermore, one must have the knack for reading, and they are good to go!

What Determines Your Worth as a Freelance Proofreader?

The few things that determine your worth as a proofreader may sound trivial, but they are stepping stones to success. The first thing one judges you by is your experience.

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For instance, if you have two years of experience as a proofreader, the employer would believe they can give you hard things to proofread.

If your experience is for two months, you are relatively new, and a safer bet is easy. The more challenging or longer work you finish, the better you are paid.

The second thing one looks for is how well recommended you are. If your previous employers say that you have done sufficiently well in your last project, your future employer will have faith in that.

So you will have the upper hand as opposed to your colleagues. This, too, makes sure that you get paid better.

Lastly, how you communicate with your employer plays a significant part in how they perceive you.

If their impression of you is that you are responsible and can get work done, they will give you the chance to prove yourself, and if you succeed, they will pay you right.

Ending Note.

Therefore, many things play a significant role in you doing your job and being good at it, but they are all achievable.

Consequently, you must start hustling now and try grooming yourself and accumulate experience.

So that in due time, you earn the right amount and that too in your comfort zone. Make that hobby into a profession and enjoy your dream life!

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