How to earn passive income from YouTube?


YouTube is the second most widely used social media sharing platform with 2.56 billion monthly users across the globe. This is such a platform which everybody uses just to kill time and that’s it. Most people don’t think about the volume of its usage and recognition among people. YouTube is considered a reliable source of passive income for a student or just to start in your part-time even if you are not a student.

There are many Indian and English YouTubers who earned millions of dollars from YouTube, most of them just started making videos on YouTube as a passive source, but now it has become their active income since they put effort into it and now they are enjoying their efforts.

Don’t worry you can also do the same and earn a huge sum of money. Therefore, in this article, I will share the best ways of earning best passive income with GO X from YouTube. So, let’s get straight into this.

How many views are required to get paid by YouTube?

In order to get paid by YouTube directly, you need to have at least 1000 subscribers and 4000, hours watch time hours in the recent year. Once you fulfil this requirement for YouTube, you can apply for channel monetization and Youtube’s partner program.

What is the payment method for YouTube?

YouTube pays its partners on monthly basis or may receive a check in an email or through direct deposit in the bank account. To earn more revenue from Youtube’s program, you need to follow the SEO strategies and provide your audience with quality and engaging content to stream. The amount of money you earn also depends on how often you put content on your channel and the way you sustain the volume of the audience online.

Do YouTubers get paid for likes?

Most part of the YouTuber’s income comes from the ads displayed on each video on the channel. In general, the payment for ads is based on the number of clicks on the ads by subscribers. The more the ads are displayed and seen, the more your revenue increases. This also relates to how often you put content on the channel. The more your offer content, the increased amount of money you receive. There is no such direct connection of likes to the payment of the YouTuber. All you need to pay heed to your content delivery to earn best passive income with GO X.

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How can we earn money without posting videos on YouTube?

Yes, you can earn money from YouTube if you have a lot of traffic and people follow you on other social platforms. Besides posting videos on the platform you can earn money by selling your merchandise, channel premium memberships or doing super chats.

Super chats are a great way to earn a substantial amount of money by gathering a few YouTubers along with you and having discussions on some topic or performing games on the channel.

Gaming YouTubers particularly use the super chat along with other income streams to generate a handsome amount of money through YouTube as their passive income. The amount of money you earn from YouTube is directly related to how effectively you engage with your followers and community.

Can we earn money from music posted on YouTube?

To start earning passive money through YouTube as a musician, the person or the account holder must become a YouTube Partner Program member. Once it’s done, your earnings will be generated from the views, ads and subscriptions you get.

Musicians earn a lot of money even when somebody uploads their music to a YouTube channel. YouTube identifies the original work of the musician. The money on views can not be earned on that music track that the account holder posted since he doesn’t have  copyrights for the music.

Best ways to earn money from YouTube:

Create a YouTube channel:

Some people also make confusions, that is there is a special account needed to start an account. So the answer is no! Your primary Gmail account is your Youtube channel. Go to setting and set up an account as a creator, you will be provided with a dashboard and different options for posting videos. Making a YouTube doesn’t necessarily mean you instantly earn money from it. You will have to grab the audience’s attention and build a brand name on different media platforms.

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Make videos and earn money:

Now your account has been created and just start uploading videos. Remember you have to choose a category of your interest. If you like to make videos about technology, choose it and relatively if anyone loves art and craft so he/she should upload videos of that type which helps them to stay consistent and passionate about it. Just keep getting subscribers and videos on your channel.

When you hit the mark of 1000 subscribers, you become eligible of joining the YouTube partner program. Join the program and don’t quit the consistency and try to keep improving the quality. Now this will be a point when your videos will be monetized and you will be paid through YouTube on monthly basis.


As you have enough followers, another way of earning is endorsements and sponsorships of different products on your channel. Companies will follow you and offers you for endorsing their products in their YouTube videos. You can charge them as per projects moreover you will start getting recognition among the public. When they will see your billboards on the roads and supermarkets while endorsing. This will boost your passive income, followership, and viewership on the internet.


You may have also bought any of your favourite YouTuber’s merchandise since it looks cool. Well, selling your merchandise is another powerful income stream to generate revenue. This is because people like you and they follow you. Whatever you do, they follow. If you wear a

type of clothes in your videos, they will also copy that. This is a point where you can benefit from launching your own merchandise in the form of T-shirts, teacups and other accessories with your branding. Believe it or not, you will see a great difference in your income.


Earning your passive money from YouTube is quite easy and its just a matter of a few months then you will earn by leaps and bounds. Consistency is the main key if you want to be a successful YouTuber in the long term

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