How to Get Stylish Prescription Glasses Online?

Prescription Glasses

Have you been stuck with the same old glasses since the donkey’s years? If yes, then now is the perfect time to change your glasses. The pandemic has changed how people purchase various commodities. If everything can be bought online – from clothes, furniture to groceries – then why not specs? Trendy reading glasses can also be delivered to you just like everything else.

Shopping for prescription glasses can be challenging but not so much if you follow our steps to buying trendy prescription glasses online.

Easy Guide to Buy Prescription Glasses Online:

1. Eye check-up

When you feel that the time for buying new prescription glasses has come – maybe because you’ve started encountering vision problems or your old glasses are worn out, then the first thing to do is to get an eye check-up done.

Wearing eyeglasses with an updated prescription will not only make your vision clearer but also will take away your eye-related problems. You can instantly notice a substantial improvement in eye-strain, dry eyes and headaches.

Doctors recommend eye-tests after every two years, still only 16 million eye tests are done every year through the NHS. Some stores also provide free eye test services (both NHS) and private, so make sure to look for them.

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2. Choose Your Frame

The right pair of eyeglasses can complement your facial features. Not every frame is made for every face shape. There are numerous shapes of glasses in the market like oval, round, square or geometric. For example, round glasses generally suit people with square face shapes. You can only find out which shape looks best on you by virtual try-ons or home-trial services.

3. Select the Colour

Nowadays, the colour of the glasses is not limited to black and white only. To be trendy, you need to step up your fashion game and try out the things which you haven’t before.

Colours like gold, brown, pink, purple or red should be given a chance if you want to want to experiment with something new. Translucent hues are especially in trend these days.

4. Lenses Coatings

To make your glasses durable and to improve your visual experience, there are a lot of coatings which can be applied to your lenses. Every coating can be added to prescription and non-prescription frames like computer glasses

  • Anti-scratch and anti-resistance coatings make glasses long-lasting.
  • Digital devices emit artificial blue light rays which are unhealthy for the body. Blue light blocking filter coating is applied on lenses to obstruct the harmful blue light from entering the eyes which is responsible for causing computer vision syndrome.
  • An anti-glare coating is beneficial for people to avoid glare from shiny surfaces or the halos around lights.
  • An anti-UV coating is applied to the lenses to protect your eyes from the UV rays. Preferably, a UV400 coating on lenses is used to give utmost protection from both UVA and UVB rays.
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Specscart can be your one-stop destination for buying stylish glasses online or offline. It has an extensive range of frames, colours, designs and materials to choose from. They believe that eyeglasses are not meant for vision correction only – glasses can become an essential part of one’s identity. This is why Specscart offers glasses at very nominal prices.

While buying prescription glasses like reading glasses or varifocals, you can even get your eye-test conducted through Specscart. An expert optician visits your home with industry best equipment to examine your eyes. NHS funded eye-tests can be done in stores in Walkden and Bury (Manchester).

Specscart also has a try-before-you-buy policy. A free home trial of four frames of eyeglasses can be booked through the website. This way the customer gets to choose which frame is comfortable and what suits their face by asking friends and family.

For getting additional premium coatings like anti-glare, anti-UV, anti-scratch and anti-resistance, you don’t have to spend any extra penny. All these coatings are added to all glasses and sunglasses for free.

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