Is CBD a Reliable Solution for Sleep Issues? Here’s the answer

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Do you find it difficult to fall asleep every night? Do you keep checking the time every 5-10 minutes? You are not alone.

9% to 15% of adults in the United States suffer from insomnia, which hinders their daytime activities.

If you also suffer from sleeplessness, you might think you have tried every sleep product out there in the market. Yet, some effective products might help you: CBD and other hemp-derived products, like Delta 8 gummies for sleep.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is present naturally in the cannabis plant CA dispensary. In the past years, people used to see it in a negative light because of its relation to THC (a psychoactive compound). However, CBD has gained immense popularity after implementing the Farm Bill Palm Desert.

CBD provides a number of health benefits and is also legally used in the treatment of diseases like seizure disorders.

What are the causes of sleeplessness?

●     Physical or mental health issues

Several physical or mental health problems can get in the way of a good night’s sleep. They can include blood pressure issues, sleep apnea, depression, jet lag, chronic pain, asthma, and many more.

●     Medications

Many medications might keep you awake at night– for example, hypertension medicines, antidepressants, corticosteroids, blood-pressure medicines, and others.

Also, non-medicinal compounds might add to your sleeplessness, like sugar and caffeine.

●     Stress and anxiety

Whether stress and anxiety are temporary or chronic, they can wreak havoc on your sleep.

Stress can negatively affect sleep by lengthening the time you take to fall asleep and also fragmenting sleep. On the other hand, anxiety can influence Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep. REM is the phase where you get vivid dreams. Anxiety can disturb dreams or turn them into nightmares, waking you up in between.

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Several factors, like family disputes, extreme workload, or unforeseen events, can trigger stress and anxiety.

CBD has been shown to lower stress and anxiety, leaving a calming effect in its wake. So, hemp derived CBD products may help you achieve your sleep goal.

●     Sleeping environment

Environmental conditions like light, noise, electronic distractions, and bed discomfort can greatly influence your sleep.

For instance, people living in urban areas may be somewhat sleep-deprived, which also affects their mood. This is because intermittent sounds like revving cars or constant honking often disturb their sleep.

Another example is the connection between artificial light and sleep, which has been studied much after the widespread use of mobile phones. Exposure to artificial light during nighttime can delay sleep onset. Also, it is associated with insufficient sleep, sleep latency, and circadian phase delay (delayed sleep pattern).

How can CBD help combat sleeplessness?

It is worth mentioning that the research on CBD for sleep improvement is still in its early days. However, some studies do suggest that it may help relieve insomnia, either combined with THC or alone. So, you can also try THC gummies for sleep.

Following are a few of the ways CBD might help with sleeplessness:

  • Soothing chronic pain (if any)
  • Lessening anxiety levels
  • Easing symptoms of sleep disorders
  • Reducing daytime sleepiness

How to use CBD for sleep?

Do you prefer natural ways to rest easy and sleep right? If so, you should try CBD. It is also a natural ingredient and can effectively help you snooze off.

CBD is available in the form of various products, so let us explore them:

●     Tinctures

CBD tinctures have been one of the most commonly used products, and that too for a long time. They are one of the easiest to use products. All you have to do is: measure the amount you need in a dropper, put the drops under your tongue, hold it there for 30 seconds, and gulp it down!

When you hold the tincture under your tongue, it is absorbed through sublingual glands. This direct connection with the internal body allows CBD to act quickly and help you relax.

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You can opt for a combination of CBD and THC tincture for an entourage effect.


  • Not addictive
  • Extremely convenient
  • Freedom to find the optimum amount that works best for you
  • Shows quick effects
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Available in tasty flavors like mint

●     Gummies

Gummies are a delicious way to take CBD. Even if they are a new product, people embrace it because of its convenience and taste.

You can find several options when buying gummies – from vegan and full spectrum CBD gummies to specially formulated sleep gummies.

As sleep is our major concern here, let’s talk more about sleep gummies. They not only contain CBD but are also packed with CBN, passion flowers, and other natural ingredients. This special concoction promotes relaxation in the body and supports restful nights.

You can take one gummy before 15 minutes of saying good night and witness the magic, or maybe not because you might be already asleep by then!


  • Easy to carry around
  • Tastier option
  • Available in various options
  • Vegan-friendly

●     Soft gels

Soft gel capsules are among the easiest CBD products to use. They come in pre-measured quantities, so you know how much you are taking.

Also, you can include CBG soft gels 10mg in your daily routine and enhance your overall well-being with the full-spectrum effect of the cannabis plant.

CBD soft gels are not only useful in promoting sleep but also help in various other functions like:

  • Reduce anxiety
  • Enhance mood
  • Help combat swelling
  • Balance appetite
  • Boost metabolism
  • Promote energy and clarity


  • Accurate dosage
  • Easy to take
  • No bitter taste
  • Comes with the goodness of other cannabis compounds like CBG, THCv, and CBGa

Wrapping up!

A good night’s sleep can help improve brain function, mood, and overall health. On the contrary, sleep deprivation increases the risk of harboring many disorders: from stroke and other heart diseases to obesity.

However, one natural way of snoozing off effectively is taking hemp derived CBD products. Apart from the above mentioned products, you can explore various other options, including premium CBD coffee.

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