Most Popular Designs of Rajasthani Jewellery

Rajasthani Jewellery

When a girl or woman wears Rajasthani jewellery, she casts a spell on everyone. Every piece of Rajasthani jewellery reflects the legacy and tells a story, and traditions she so deeply holds together.

Rajasthani jewellery is extravagant in all its glory, and is one of the most refined and beautiful styles of jewellery in India. Flaunting the rich culture and royal heritage, Rajasthan jewelry is synonymous with the royal and magnificent.

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Some Statement Rajasthani Jewellery Designs

Here are some of the most popular designs of Rajasthani Jewellery you should have in your collection—

“The Royal Rani Haar”

Rani haar, a neckpiece that extends to the navel, is a popular accessory worn by Rajasthani women. It stands for royalty, luxury, and prestige. The longest neckpieces for a Rajasthani jewellery set are the rani and maharani haar variations, which give it a definite, regal sense. The Rani Haar comes in a variety of styles and often hangs from a woman’s shoulder down to her navel. These items might be either heavy Polki and Kundan pieces or delicate Jadau jewellery.

“The Magnificent Borla”

Borla, also popularly known as Rakhdi or Sheeshphool, is a traditional Rajasthani head jewelry (Maang tikka). It is a distinctive jewellery item that also makes a fashion statement for contemporary brides. The tikka typically ends in a sizable bell- or sphere-shaped ornament adorned and comes in a variety of stone-studded forms like Kundan, Meena, pearls or precious stones. It is also contrasted with “Sheesh Phool,” a forehead ring made of a series of tiny Rakhdis.

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“The Impressive Nath”

One of Rajasthan’s most well-liked jewellery designs is called nath. A gold or pearl chain connecting a round gold ring to the left ear is customarily worn around the left nose. It comes in many different shapes, from small circular motifs to abstract heavy-worked Kundan, and is worn by the majority of Indian brides at weddings and other occasions.

“The Exquisite Aad and Kanthi”

Aad, sometimes referred to as the Rajputana necklace, is a classic choker that is rectangular or square in shape. Two strings are included with the choker, which is made of kundan (jewellery composed of gem stones), and could be used to tie the necklace around the neck’s back. Nowadays many brides wear the aad, as it is available in beautiful designs.

The Kanthi, a traditional gold necklace worn by brides, is typically studded with polka and other priceless stones in addition to kundan. Aad, which is regarded as essential jewellery in Rajasthan, provides the bride a boost and enhances her allure with a tonne of regal charm. Typically, kanthi has an adjustable thread so that it can fit any person.

“The Pretty Bajubandh”

The top armlet is called Bajubandh. Bajubandh (also known as Angada), an armlet worn by Rajasthani brides, is usually crafted with meenakari design in gold. It is one of the most well-known patterns of Rajasthani jewellery because of the beautiful stonework that has been engraved on gold.

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“The Amazing Haath Phool”

The Rajasthani “hath phool” is a wristlet with rings that slip into the fingers and has a uniquely Mughal style. It is a favourite ornament among brides across Asia.

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“The Breath-taking Kaanbali”

Rajasthani earrings are highly known among the most popular jewellery designs for their rich ancient and regal appearance. The gold earrings or jhumkas from Rajasthan, also known as Surliya/Kaanbali or Jhaale, are very common. The exquisitely crafted Kundan or Meenakari work on Rajasthani earrings gives them a rich, regal appearance with a dash of heritage.

“The Impressive Bangadi”

Bangadi bangles, a pair of two bangles used by Rajasthani ladies, have a little, round, gold protrusion covering them and a thick crimson lining. Bangadi was traditionally constructed of plastic and gold, but there are now various designs and options available.

Which one would you like to add to your jewellery collection?

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