Only the Best Hair Care Tips for Monsoon

Hair Care Tips for Monsoon

Monsoons have ultimately docked in India and we all agree that it’s a sigh of relief to uplift the mood from the scorching heat and provide relief with pitter-patter sweet rains. It is very delightful to enjoy the rains that are incredibly refreshing for humans, besides it arrives with additional challenges for your skin and hair along with insect, bug bites, fungal infections, etc. The endless increasing humidity within the air affects the lovely hair and makes your hair all frizzy in a small amount of time that’s out of your control but don’t worry! Here are some of the Hair Care Tips for Monsoon that may change your hair game, so read along.

Getting completely drenched is absolutely entertaining, so it’s better to be safeguarded before and take some mandatory steps after drenching. Many curly or wavy hair head types have the tendency to simply puff up with humidity because it tends to lose all moisture, leaving it dry and dull bundled up in a frizzy way. The refreshing rains are unfortunately getting rid of the sheen from your hair strands. The monsoons are known to form your hair limp, lifeless, and dry. Hair also gets frizzy because of the high levels of humidity in the air. The ratio of humidity in the hair and outside the hair differs which makes the difference more prominent but with the help of natural Hair Care Products, the frizz can be tamed.

Heed to these practices of hair care and enjoy the rains:

  • Monsoon is right after the summers

When you are fresh in the summers, the heat gets to your strands and makes them brittle already and then the monsoon humidity plays more tricks. During the monsoons, make it to some degree or plan to go for a haircut to cut off the burnt off summer hair. Trimming and cutting the hair won’t solely revamp your style but will assist in acquiring and hindering the annoying split ends and dryness.

  • Stay squeaky clean all over

It’s vital to remain clean during monsoons especially the hair and also the scalp. Cleanse your scalp and hair thoroughly with Natural Hair Care Products that are natural, herbal, and organic shampoo, suitable for your hair type. The natural ingredients will help fight the monsoon germs and insects very easily and keep the scalp clean. Do condition your hair with a hydrating conditioner; preferably from the same brand you used a shampoo. You may also use an anti-frizz serum. It forms a thin layer by safeguarding the hair from damage by providing nourishment, softness, and moisture.

  • Try to decrease the share of frizziness

High humidity levels during monsoon can make hair very much frizzy if you have wavy and curly hair; straight hair types have minimum hair frizz. After shampooing your hair, use a microfibre towel to dry hair, which isn’t harsh on the locks. The normal towel has the ability to create friction between the fibres and strands. The friction and static energy cause the frizz. This will also tame the unruly hair with an application of serum on the towel-dried hair.

  • Focus on minimal Gen-Z hairstyles

During monsoons, prefer the hairstyles which are easy-going and fuss-free that administer in controlling tangles and frizz. The amount of time that is consumed for the frizzy tangles to sort out and assemble a hairstyle is A LOT. So of the hairdos suggested for the monsoon season to curb the sweaty, sticky, and frizzy are sleek ponytails, a neat bun, a french or dutch braid, pigtails, clutcher half up half down, etc.

  • One for the people who hate rains and monsoons

You can’t just stay locked up inside whenever it rains, I mean…yeah no. In case you go out and are worried about your hair then ensure some of these safety measures for yourself and your beautiful hair. Use hoods, scarves, gigantic hats, umbrellas, or rain caps for keeping your hair covered and dry. You will be able to also carry a little hairdryer in your bag to dry your hair just in case you get suspended in the rains.

  • Indalo’s Banana Shampoo

Indalo has the honest and most natural Banana Shampoo for nurturing dry hair while cleansing them. The combination of banana, hibiscus, vitamin E, and shea butter is like a paradise for moisture-needing hair types to the dull strands. Eventually, it is the purpose of a good shampoo to provide a certain amount of hydration, and this Banana Shampoo just does it. The superstar components like Banana and Hibiscus ensure your hair gets the nutrition of natural goodness. It gives a luscious finish and strengthens the roots of the hair by preventing hair fall and dandruff. 

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Don’t let the sweet sweet monsoons take a toll on your tresses. Appropriately obey these go-to-go Hair Care Tips for Monsoon and keep your hair monsoon ready!


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