Porcelain Paving Slabs are More Popular for Patio Garden

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One of the rarest things that you could own is space and quite literally. That being said, if you have an outer space, no matter how small, it is a blessing in disguise. Whether you want to entertain guests or simply lap up the sun during your lazy weekends, your outdoor patio can truly become your happy zone if you do it right. Creating great outdoor spaces is not about spending huge money but it is all about creating a warm yet welcoming space with some smart investment ideas.

More and more homeowners today are looking at ways to revitalize their dull and dreary gardens especially because summer is right around and there is no good time than now to enjoy beautiful home gardens, however considering the variety of weather conditions and particularly unpredictable British weather, it is most important to get the garden paving done right.

Why Porcelain?

Porcelain tiles outside can be the best transformation your garden can get. With the refreshing patterns and styles available in the range of porcelain slabs, your garden or outdoor patio will never have a dull moment. While natural stone and wood can work beautifully in an outdoor setting, porcelain paving enables homeowners to achieve a stunning finish without compromising on practicality. Transforming the look and feel of landscaping in modern homes – tapping into the growing trend of an “inside-outside” space – grey porcelain paving creates seamless look from inside to outside the house.

The benefits of porcelain paving begin with its properties: the materials used and the way it’s manufactured. This combination makes an incredibly strong product, being pressed in a raw state to become solid and then fired at very high temperatures (1200 degrees). This creates a highly dense and consistent product that out performs natural stone in relation to long-term appearance and durability.

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The water-resistance also makes them the ideal surface for those that are looking to accessorize their patio with watery activities, such as a hot tub or a pool. While the wipe clean stain-proofing makes them just as suitable for outdoor socials, such as barbeques or drinks with friends.

All these benefits guarantee that porcelain has a cheaper lifecycle cost and longer longevity than most other paving tiles making it cheaper in the long run.

A Designer’s Choice

Still a relatively new concept, vitrified porcelain paving is beginning to make a real impact when it comes to garden design among designers around the world. Nowadays, gardens tend to reflect design trends and the latest finishes. The way that porcelain is manufactured allows for a wide range of colors and finishes, giving more opportunity to offer on-trend colors and styles. Down to the gorgeous colour shading and even the feel, external porcelain tiles are a fabulous alternative to real stone or wood. Modern garden patios tend to also have smooth clean lines and minimal joints, these are also features designers expect to get from a porcelain product.

It would be no exaggeration to state that very few products compare to the power of the porcelain to give your garden a complete makeover. With very low maintenance, porcelain pavers are designed to last for really long. They don’t fade or stain and are quite slip-resistant.

Easy Maintenance

When comes to garden maintenance, whilst some people enjoy spending time on that, it’s not the case for everyone; and this is where porcelain is a great option. Porcelain is a low maintenance paving solution and one of the easiest paving types to keep clean. Due to the manufacturing process, porcelain tiles absorb very little water, meaning they are resistant to stains, frost and, to an extent, prevent moss and algae growth. To keep the newly-installed look of your patio, simply clean with hot soapy water, as you would your kitchen floor. Of course, like any paving option to enhance the lifetime of your patio you should aim to keep the area clear of any loose debris, such as compost, leaves, or grass cuttings.

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High Quality with Competitive Price

Porcelain is often considered a premium product, so can sometimes initially be thought of as expensive when compared to other options like concrete pavers. It is true, there are a number of top of the range porcelain options, but you can always find products that suit your budget, depending on the style and size of your patio.

Whilst cost is clearly a deciding factor, it is also important to consider other benefits beyond this. For example, the composition of porcelain tiles means they are extremely durable and hard-wearing, so you can expect a porcelain patio to last a long time, giving you great value for money. As you’ll know from the previous section, you’ll spend less time cleaning it in that time too.

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