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Raheel Sharif is a prominent Pakistani military officer who served as the 15th Chief of Army Staff of the Pakistan Army. He was born on June 16, 1956, in Quetta, Balochistan, Pakistan. Sharif comes from a military family, with his brother Shabbir Sharif also serving as a general in the Pakistan Army. Raheel Sharif’s military career is marked by his contributions to various operations and initiatives to maintain peace and security within Pakistan and the region.

Under his leadership, the Pakistan Army launched the Zarb-e-Azb operation against militant groups in North Waziristan, significantly reducing terrorism in the country. After retiring from the military, Raheel Sharif assumed the role of Chief of the Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition (IMCTC), a Saudi-led alliance of Muslim-majority countries aimed at countering terrorism and extremism.

Net Worth:

There is limited public information available about Raheel Sharif’s exact net worth. But the estimated net worth ranges 50$-54$ million. Military officers typically receive salaries and benefits from the government during their service. However, his contributions to peace and security, as well as his subsequent roles, likely reflect a distinguished career.

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Age and Height:

Raheel Sharif was born on June 16, 1956, around 65 years old. His height information is not widely available.


Raheel Sharif belongs to a military family. His brother, Major Shabbir Sharif, was a war hero and a recipient of the Nishan-e-Haider, Pakistan’s highest military award. Details about his immediate family, such as his parents and marital status, are not as widely known.

Category Information
Full Name Raheel Sharif
Date of Birth June 16, 1956
Birthplace Quetta, Balochistan, Pakistan
Profession Former Chief of Army Staff, Military Leader
Net Worth 50$-54$ Million
Age Around 65 years
Family Brother: Major Shabbir Sharif

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. What is Raheel Sharif’s net worth?

Information about Raheel Sharif’s net worth is not widely available in the public domain.

2. What is Raheel Sharif known for?

Raheel Sharif is known for his role as the 15th Chief of Army Staff of the Pakistan Army and for leading significant operations against terrorism during his tenure.

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3. What is the Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition (IMCTC)?

The IMCTC is a Saudi-led coalition of Muslim-majority countries established to counter terrorism and extremism through collaborative efforts, led by Raheel Sharif after his retirement from the Pakistan Army.

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