Top 5 Factors to Consider When You Design Name Badges

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Are you having trouble with designed badges to be worn by your employees? They may be a small part of your approved outfit, but name badges do more than just show your employee’s names.

They’re part of your branding strategy. The following are the top 5 factors that you should think about when you design these badges.

  1. Colour Contrasts

The colours that you choose in the design of your name badges can either be eye-catching or an eye irritant. This is one of the critical aspects that you have to consider when it comes to design.

Not only do the colours allow your company logo and other essential elements to stand out, but they also reflect the typeface and style you intend for your enterprise.

Don’t go overboard though or else your design may be dismissed as unprofessional. Think along the lines of less is more. A good example of this is what Steve Jobs did when he changed the Apple logo. It used to have an apple with rainbow colours, but then he switched it over to a simple black, and white monochrome and their logo stood out.

  1. Readable Font

Since name badges are meant for the eye and the other people to read, make sure to choose readable fonts. Sure, you can hire a graphic artist and other designers to create a custom font but leave that to your company logo and other proprietary symbols.

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Badges are meant for everyday use so that people can read them without difficulty. Choose fonts that are simple and easy to read. Simple and standard fonts are recommended.

Note that some name badges are big enough to include other pertinent information like the city where your business is located and your phone number. It all depends on the actual design of the badge itself.

You should make sure that the name of the person that appears on the badge will have the biggest font. Your company name, logo, catchphrase, address, phone number, or any other data you want to include there should have smaller but still readable fonts.

  1. Allow for Long Names

Speaking of readable fonts on name badges, you should also consider giving allowance for really long names. Let’s say you have an employee who has this name:

“Hubert Blaine Wolfeschlegelsteinhausenbergerdorff”

How are you going to put that on the name badge? Oh, that is purportedly the longest name in the world. Chances are, your employees and staff members won’t have 50-character names, but who knows, right?

That is why you should allow for long names on the badges when you design them. Ensure that you have enough white space on it so that your artist can figure out how to layout the characters properly and what font size fits but still make the letters visible.

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You should test the layout before you have things set in stone as it were. You can ask to have a printout of the badge just to make sure you’re getting things right before you have the actual name badges made.

  1. Clarity of the Logo

Note that these badges do not only serve as a way for people to identify your employees and what their names are. They also serve as a branding tool. Wherever your staff goes, your company logo and brand goes with them.

Make sure that your company logo is clear and visible on the badge. It should be placed in eye-catching positions and big enough so that people will recognize it when they meet your employees.

  1. Keeping with Your Brand Style

Your badge design should come out as something absolutely professional, and it should reflect your company’s style, mission, vision, and theme. The design elements should illustrate your company’s core values.

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