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Finding a catering service these days is similar to finding a good groom for your daughter. Might sound like a pun, but the truth is fixing Wedding Catering in Howrah is honestly a Herculean task. Which needs to be done many months before the wedding. The catering services are majorly preoccupied or not that good. For that reason, one needs to know the top Wedding Catering in Howrah.

  1. Mymandap

It has a huge range of budget friendly options for menus that are comparatively more extravagant in their way of organizing well established catering services. They include the ideas, and preferences in their customers, which is extremely personalized and convenient for the clients.

Keeping the budget, number of people and season of Wedding in mind. The company organizes fabulous weddings which are magnificent in their own food variations and work. As a wedding Catering in Howrah, they keep the menu editable and use good quality raw materials too.

  1. Raj Star Caterer and home food service

This wedding catering service in Howrah is located at Babudangha, which is located in Ghusuri in the Howrah district. This wedding catering in Howrah is extremely popular for their professionalism in the field of Catering service and foods.

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They have a rating of three point six out of five on Google listing, which is not too high compared to other catering in Kolkata. But it is really high in comparison to other available catering services in the area. As a wedding Catering in Howrah, they have their own selective menu options that have no coordination with other Catering services.

  1. Foodies Restaurant and Catering services

This particular Wedding catering in Howrah has a separate order of magnitude which is not oriented and organized by the catering service. Moreover this is completely dependent upon the client and the presence of the customers who are having the event with a wedding, birthday, a rice ceremony or even anniversary.

Having a proper rating as a wedding catering in Howrah the system is handled and oriented with the specialization in a particular food or without variation in a particular type. Mainly dependent upon the time of the event that is when the event is being held.  Whether in the morning or in the evening or during the lunch time, which is considered first according to the time of the day this is the work of the catering services.

  1. Tara Ma food and catering service

Tara Ma food and catering , location in Howrah district is a very popular Wedding Catering in Howrah especially because it has a huge variation with the menus and obviously with the price points. This catering service offers a wide variety of options not only for cheap but also as expensive ones too. Having a posh wedding might be really difficult but for a wedding catering in Howrah, things I just like butter with this particular Catering service.

  1. Ruchi Raj Caterer:

As a wedding Catering in Howrah this particular place opens at six AM in the morning and closes in the evening. Located at Old jagacha Howrah, this Catering service is known for their elaborate skills in the world of Wedding Catering in Howrah.

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One of the most professional and affordable Catering services, among others wedding Catering in Howrah at the central part. They started in the year 2007, with a specialization in the field of Wedding, birthday party, anniversary and other events.

Wedding catering in Howrah can be of many shorts most importantly it shall consider all the things that are associated with the food and the menu. Catering services considered the menu which is associated with the Bengali type or the non Bengali type if it’s vegetarian or the type is non vegetarian then the thing is completely different. But at the end of the day the wedding Catering services in Howrah have a huge variety.

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