Urination issues and treatments in men

Urination issues and treatments in men

There are many men who experience urinary issues when they start ageing and in many cases it happens with the inflammation of the prostate gland.

In case of older men, the symptoms can happen because of the blockage of tubes because of a benign enlargement of the prostrate gland which is known as hyperplasia. The major problem that one faces is that of difficulty in emptying a bladder. One needs to find the best urology hospital in Delhi and start the treatment immediately.

But not all urinary symptoms happen because there is a change in the prostrate gland. Apart from enlarged prostrates – there can be other issues as well.

Symptoms of urinary problems

Urinary symptoms that are commonly experienced are:

  • urinating more often during the day
  • the need to urinate frequently during night
  • urination happens very slowly
  • there is a sensation that the bladder is not fully empty
  • Urine still dribbling after one finish urination
  • Lack of force to the urine flow that makes the stream difficult
  • The sensation of needing to urinate again soon after urinating.
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Problems with enlarged prostate gland

When there is a benign enlargement of the prostate gland (which is quite common among older men) they can create quite a few health issues. The urethra passes through this prostate gland and many men start having problems with urination because the enlarged gland actually restricts the flow of urine. There is a tendency of frequent urination in men and if the flow stops completely, then a catheter is required in order to empty the bladder. This can also lead to kidney damage but that is quite rare.

But an enlarged prostate does not always cause urinary issues. There are many studies that have indicated that the size of this gland has a very little influence on the severity of the urination issues. But this can be one possible symptom of a urine problem.

Another cause of changes in urinary system is the change in the muscle wall of the bladder. This can cause spasms of the bladder or make the bladder weak causing major issues while urination.

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Self-help for these issues

If the problems are simple and they do not bother one a lot then one can take some steps at home as well.

  • Minimise drinking coffee and soft drinks and also reduce the intake of alcohol. One should be extra careful to not consume them before bedtime.
  • One should make changes in the diet like they need to reduce refined carbohydrates and processed food.
  • There has to be a daily physical activity.

Treatment for urinary problems

If the problem is caused by infection or enlargement of the prostate gland then the doctor can prescribe a long course of anti-bacterial medicine. There can also be medication to improve the urine flow. If the enlarged prostate is causing blockage then a surgical procedure can happen as well.

In most cases, there are medications and a few lifestyle changes that can actually improve the condition and one can get cured of it or can control it.

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